By BGB64


  • Extra Zombie
  • Dr. Zomboss
  • Sunflower
  • Starfruit
  • Wall-Nut
  • Repeater
  • All other zombies (mentioned)


Dr. Zomboss and Extra Zombie are hiding in some bushes, preparing a raid.

Extra Zombie: Are you sure about this Edgy?

Dr. Zomboss: Don't call me Edgy! And anyway, this'll go fine. Our last two attempts were on wall-nut. This is on tall-nut.

Extra Zombie: Then let's go!

Sunflower: No zombies. Let me guess, Edgy trying to plantnap wall-nut again.

Dr. Zomboss: Rrrrr...

Extra Zombie: They're too good at this.

Starfruit: Wally, where did your clones go anyway?

Wall-Nut: Clones dissappear after 1.999999999998765432 hours of creation.

Repeater: Is it really nessicary to be that precise?

Wall-Nut: No...

Dr. Zomboss: Hello!

Dr. Zomboss and Extra Zombie jump out of the bushes, grap tall-nut and run back to the lab.

Tall-Nut: You can't hurt me.

Dr. Zomboss: Yes I can.

Tall-Nut: Wall-Nut will come.

Extra Zombie: Oh really?

Meanwhile, back at the lawn...

Wall-Nut: Argh Zomboss! I'll uproot myself if that's what it takes to save Tall-Nut!

Sunflower: Huh?

Wall-Nut: What?

Repeater: Why are you glowing blue?

Wall-Nut:Who cares?

Wall-Nut uproots himself, glowing blue, and floats towards Dr. Zomboss'es lab.

Wall-Nut: Hello!

Dr. Zomboss: Huh?

Tall-Nut: Told yah!

Wall-Nut: I'll kill you Zomboss!

Extra Zombie: Run.

Wall-Nut chases Dr. Zomboss and Extra Zombie for miles.

Dr. Zomboss: We *puff* have *puff* been *puff* run *puff* ing *puff* for *puff* eight *puff* hours.

Wall-Nut: I can keep this up all day and right through the night.

Wall-Nut: I think I'll kill you now.

Wall-Nut's blue glow turns out to be lightning and he fires a bolt at Dr. Zomboss.

Dr. Zomboss: The teleporter! The teleporter!

Extra Zombie: It's here! There's no time to set the co-or-

Dr. Zomboss: Just do it! The lightnings almost destroyed my armor!

Dr. Zomboss and Extra Zombie teleport away to an unknown destination.

Wall-Nut: I think I've chased them enough for one day. I'll teleport to Tall-Nut.

Wall-Nut teleports to Tall-Nut, in the process losing his powers.

Dr. Zomboss: We teleported to the zombie meeting hall stage? And the zombies are here for a meeting now?

Extra Zombie: Coincedental. Also, where are your clothes?

Dr. Zomboss: *censored*. That nuthead burnt my clothes off.

Extra Zombie: This is awkward. For you. We're in the meeting hall stage and all the zombies are here.

Dr. Zomboss: Ahhhhh!

The End.