This is an interview of zombie goo by BGB64.


Me: Ok zombie goo, first, can you talk?

Zombie Goo: Only when I have 'o. Like hewe.

Me: Why do you act like grey goo?

Zombie Goo: I a' gwey goo.

Me: Except a zombie, right?

Zombie Goo: Yah.

Me: What do you think of giga imp and Dr. Zomboss'es other creations?

Zombie Goo: Me fwiends wi' 'em.

Me: Do you have trouble speaking?

Zombie Goo: Yah. I can no' say ser'ain le'ers.

Me: Extra brai- oh wait, if I feed you you will grow until you eat the whole universe.

The End.


  • The ending is based on the grey goo apocalypse scenario where self replicating robots fill the whole universe.