Added by Luis Anton Imperial

This is Angry Birds and PvZ.


The birds and pigs are fighting.

Red accidentally fly to the Plants vs Zombies Planet. Then the other birds fly to the PvZ Planet too to rescue it.

The pigs used 10 pogo sticks to go home, but the pigs fly into the PvZ Planet too instead!!!

Sunflower: Who are you all?

Birds: We're the birds from the Angry Birds planet

Pigs: and we're the pigs.

Melon-pult: What are you doing here?

After introducing everyone...

Crazy Dave:

Hi, Luis.

Now the birds are sticking with the plants.

So you can kill pigs and zombies faster!

Wait! I remember that pigs stick with zombies.

Good luck!!!!!!

Spikeweed: OK, if you help us kill the zombies, we'll help you.

Red: We'll stick with the plants.

The other birds agreed.

King Pig: We'll stick with the zombies.

The other pigs except Small Pig agreed. So S Pig lose and they stick with the zombies.

Red: Wait! Is there a slingshot here?

Chuck: And the pigs brought the eggs?

Crazy Dave: Here you go.

Large Pig: Of course.

Birds and Plants killed the pigs.

The Blues: We got the eggs!!!!!!

Sunflower: There's a zombie!!!

Killed the zombie

Sunflower: Whew! That was close.

Chuck: Watch out!

Split Pea's about to be eaten but Red kill the digger zombie.

Cactus: A balloon zombie! Let me shoot the balloon so we can kill him!

Chuck: No, let me kill it!

Melon-pult: A conehead, that's easy!

Matilda: And a zombie with a bucket!

Split Pea: That's called Buckethead Zombie.

Matilda: OK

Melon-pult killed the conehead and the Blues killed the Buckethead Zombie.

Bomb: A zombie with a football suit!

Spikeweed: That's a football zombie.

Melon-pult: Let me kill it.

Cactus and Split Pea are dead...

Peashooter: Oh no!

Starfruit: We're back!

The football zombie died.

Starfruit: A gargantuar!

Matilda throws an egg bomb and flies away back.

Bomb: Damn! The gargantuar's still alive.

Bomb explodes on gargantuar.

Red and Chuck are now back alive.



The birds + plants killed all the zombies.

The slingshot is broken.

All the birds are now back alive.

Sunflower: Now, here... Wait! The slingshot's broken!!!

Melon-pult: Let's find a slingshot!

Crazy Dave: Here!

Starfruit: But it's broken!!!

Peashooter: That's the slingshot we're using before.

Bomb: Continue finding.

Jim: I found one. Wait! It's broken too!

Melon-pult: I remember that I'm out of melons.

Sunflower: Birds! We can use melon-pult's.

Melon-pult: One by one! Many are heavy.

Birds: Bye!

Starfruit: Don't forget the eggs!

The birds use melon-pult's as a slingshot to fly back to their planet.