Threepeater's and Triple Plazma's Revenge.

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Triple Plazma




Pumpkin and Blover on 2 flower pots duct taped together

Things that you might want to know

In this story, Cattail, Triple Plazma, and Threepeater are siblings.

  The Story!

Threepeater walked into a restaurant to see his sister, Cattail. He walked to Cattails table, but before he sat down, Gloom-shroom jumped in front of Threepeater. 
   Gloom-shroom: No. You are not going to talk to that plant-animal-thing-
   Cattail: Hey!
   Gloom-shroom:-without admitting that us Gloom-shrooms are better than you Cattails and Threepeaters!
    Threepeater: No! Look at yourself. You can't even do damage to a Gargantuar, you are so short ranged: And narrow min-
 A loud explosion happens, revealing Triple Plazma in a pumpkin, on a flower pot duct taped to another flowerpot with a blover making it fly.
  Triple Plazma: Hey! can i have one of those bacon cheeseburgers and a LARGE ORANGE DRINK? 
  Gloom-shroom Its you!
  Threepeater and Cattail in unison: What the heck is going on here?
  Triple Plazma; Its you again. Looks as if you need more bacon.
  *Fight engaging music*
   Gloom-shroom: Just admit it. I'm more efficient.
  Triple Plazma: I don't care about efficiency. I just have to get the job done.
   Cattail: What is going on?
   Threepeater: Heck, how would I know?
   Gloom shroom starts fuming, and boiling water starts to come off Triple Plazma,
    They scream in anger and run at each other, and Triple Plazma jumps over Gloom Shroom and shoots him.
    Triple Plazma stays out of range of him, then he sees purple goo rushing out of  Gloom Shroom, but then Cattail stabs him and Threepeater shoots him. The ambulances come out and take gloom shroom away.
   Gloom-shroom : We will meet again! I say I will defe-
 The ambulance shuts and takes him away. Then cabbage pult launches a cabbage at Triple Plazma.
  Triple Plazma: Do I really have to do this AGAIN????


Triple Plazma is a character on PvZ Character Creator that I created.       

This story is inspired by the fact that everyone says Gloom-shrooms are cheaper and more efficient than Threepeaters are.

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