By BGB64.



At Dr. Zomboss'es Lab...

Extra Zombie: We need a way to get rid of that wall-nut in a way that can't go wrong.

Dr. Zomboss: Yeah.Oh by the way, Giga-Imp, you missed a spot while you were cleaning.

Giga Imp: Where?

Dr. Zomboss: There!

Dr. Zomboss throws a bucket of sand, marbles, magma rocks and lemonade on the floor.

Giga Imp: Oh. Ok.

Extra Zombie: I was thinking...remember how Crazy Dave is going to teach his new neighbour Wall-Nut bowling?

Dr. Zomboss: Yeah...

Extra Zombie: What if we lured all the Wall-Nuts to be bowled so they roll into the graveyard where the zombies destroy them?

Dr. Zomboss: Who lures the nuts?

Extra Zombie smiles and Giga Imp starts to frown.

Dr. Zomboss: Giga Imp?

Giga Imp: Me?

Extra Zombie: Yes.

Giga Imp: Bu- bu- I'll die!

Dr. Zomboss: No you won't. You always wanted to be in Extra Zombie's main attack group. If you do this, you can be.

Giga Imp: How will I survive the nuts?

Extra Zombie: Remember how strong you were in that practise corse thingy? And besides. Wall-Nuts are hollow. They weigh about 130 grams when uprooted. And besides, Tongksqarcoln34 probably can't bowl two inches, let alone 5 meters.

Giga Imp: Ok. I guess.

Dr. Zomboss: That's the spirit! Kinda.

Later, at the lawn...

Crazy Dave: Greetings, neighbour!

Tongksqarcolin34: ...

Crazy Dave: The name's Crazy Dave.

Crazy Dave: But you can just call me Crazy Dave.

Crazy Dave: Listen, I've got a surprise for you.

Crazy Dave: But first, I'll need you to clear your lawn.

Tongksqarcolin34: ...

Crazy Dave: Use your shovel and dig up those plants!


Tongksqarcolin34 digs up the three peashooters that are remaining on the lawn.

Crazy Dave: Ok goody, now for the surprise...

Giga Imp: We're going BOWLING!

Crazy Dave: Yeah! Wait a minute, thats my line!

Giga Imp: Hahaha I'm'a line stealer!

Crazy Dave: Ok Tongksqarcolin34, just bowl all the nuts at the zombies. Don't get your brains eaten. Bye!

To be continued...