By Tjerman


  • Peashooter
  • Repeater
  • Threepeater
  • Gatling Pea
  • Dr. Zomboss
  • Crazy Dave
  • pj peashooter
  • snow pea


Peashooter: I'm bored.

Repeater: Everyone is.

Peashooter: Let's have a party!

Threepeater: What's going on?

Peashooter: We're having a party.

Threepeater: Where will it be?

Peashooter: Pool I know a pea party we can eat peas!

Repeater: Doofus were made of peas, we have it in our name.

Peashooter: Forgot what about a taco party?

Everyone : Yay!

The next day they plan the party

Peashooter: Repeater and I will get decorations, Threepeater you can get the tacos

Threepeater: Where will I get tacos?!

Peashooter: How about taco plant?

Threepeater: Ok.

Meanwhile at the decoration store...

Peashooter: We would like to buy these taco balloons, invitations, fliers, wait that's all.

Gatling Pea: That will be $7.99.

Repeater: Gatling Pea you work here????

Gatling Pea: Yup I just got my paycheck.

Peashooter: Well here's the money.

Meanwhile about a mile away'

Threepeater: This is taking forever I'm going to crazy Dave's twiddly dinks

Crazy Dave: Hello what do you want?

Threepeater: All of your tacos!

Crazy Dave: Not the tacos!

Crazy Dave: Well I guess this is good bye tacos I will always love you.

Threepeater: they should call you Really Weird Dave instead of Crazy Dave.

Crazy Dave: What was that?

Threepeater: Nothing.

Meanwhile at the lab

Zomboss: I will get them mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahha!

zomboss: I have no zombies I guess I'll have to use my attacks.

At the party...

Peashooter: Woo hoo this is insane!

PJ Peashooter: Thanks for making me the PJ DJ!

Repeater: I have never stayed up this late in my life!

Snow Pea: Hey Repeater!

PJ Peashooter turns the rock music into romantic music

Snow Pea: Wanna dance?

Repeater: Sure.

Snow Pea: Not you, Gatling Pea.

Gatling Pea: I would love to.

Zomboss: Hello, prepare to DIE!

To be continued...