Made by Soda.

Chapter 1 - Strange Lawn

Ah, a sunny day. You walk in and see a houseowner with his insane neighbor, Crazy Dave. As they talk to each other, a ugly, hideous, and-

Zombie: Who r yu too call uz hidius and ugli


...and gray person! With his messy appearence, and fleshiness, you realize it's a zombie. You run for your life! As you look back, Crazy Dave and the houseowner don't move. "Run!" you yell. They didn't listen. The houseowner pulled out some seed packets and planted. This was no time for planting, was it? No. But, you're wrong. You look at the plants. Quite strange, was it? Indeed. As a wave of zombies come, the plants started attacking, and doing other stuff with their unusual power! This is the lawn of the dead, and where the Plantae kingdom evolves and kills zombies. As a zombie approaches you, you scream! The houseowner yells, "Hey! That isn't your food!". As the plants killed the zombie, you go in relief.

Strange. You walk to the lawn and thank all the plants.

Peashooter: It's okay. We're just doing our job.

Let's start getting to know this extraordinary lawn, shall we?