By Neoninjaboy320

Request and Story Idea  By Princess Kitty


  • Princess Kitty (MaryMae)
  • Dr. Zomboss
  • Wall-nut
  • Crazy Dave
  • The Book of Bloom
  • Peashooter
  • Marigold
  • Sunflower
  • Tall-nut
  • Repeater
  • Kernel-pult
  • Extra Zombie
  • All Plants (Cameo)


At Dr. Zomboss's HQ...

Dr, Zomboss: Extra Zombie! You won't believe my newest most evil, diabolical plan yet!

Extra Zombie is eating a jelly filled donut.

Extra Zombie: Really? Whats the scoop than Edge?

Dr. Zomboss: Well, I can Kidnap ALL THE PLANTS!

Extra Zombie: Lets do it! BWHWHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH

At The Pool...

No zombies are in sight, so Peashooter, Wall-nut, and Sunflower are chatting.

Peashooter: So I'm like Oh snow you didn't!

Sunflower: And did Snow Pea get annoyed by that?

Peashooter: Oh yeah.

Nets come out of nowhere and trap the three plants.

At the Roof...

Repeater: So that's how I pwned a Football Zombie all by myself.

Tall-nut: Pretty intense.

Repeater: Yeah, it was.

Kernel-pult: Watch OUT!

Nets fall on the plants and are swooped away by Bungie Zombies!

At Crazy Dave's house...

Crazy Dave: Ahhh... I feel like being crazy in the woods! I Shallz go!

Book of Bloom: Hello?

Crazy Dave: Ahh! Where'd you come from?

Book of Bloom: From the Back of your car. Man, it's comfty in there.

Crazy Dave: Oh, okay.

At the woods...

Crazy Dave: Huh? What's this?

Crazy Dave notices a note on a tree.

Crazy Dave, This time I have captured all your plants! Who will protect you now? If you want them come and get them!


Dr. Zomboss.

Book of Bloom: Well, mate, we better go after them huh?

Crazy Dave: But we don't know where they are.

Book of Bloom: Come on mate. They are zombies, and zombies oringinate from...?

Crazy Dave: A virus?

Book of Bloom: Well, yes, but where do people get buried?

Crazy Dave: At the cemetery!

Book of Bloom: Co rect, that means their town, could be around there!

Crazy Dave: Let's go!

At Dr. Zomboss's HQ...


Extra Zombie: Seriously, Edge, slow down on the laugh, just... don't over do it.

Dr. Zomboss: Eh? Whatever.

Extra Zombie: So, what are we gonna do with all these plants?

Camera turns to see a bunch of cages filled with plants.

Dr. Zomboss: I don't know, but maybe we could force them to tell us the secret to eating their homeowner's brains!

Extra Zombie: Excellent idea!

In the forest...

Crazy Dave: I think were gonna need some help.

Book of Bloom: Huh? From who?

Crazy Dave: Well, I have a fan, named Mary Mae.

Crazy Dave is seen jumping from bush to bush, trying to be sneaky on visiting Mary Mae's house...

Crazy Dave: BOB...

Book of Bloom: Why are ya callin' me tha' mate?

Crazy Dave: Well when you shorten it with letters, you get Bob.

Book of Bloom: Oooh, ok chap, I hear ya.

Crazy Dave: Well, here goes nothing...

Crazy Dave is about to knock on the door, upon stepping on the door step.

More, coming soon...