An interview in series of ZomBotany Zombie interviews. By Drek.

DISCLAIMER: I've gotten a permission to make ZomBotany Zombie interviews by Miles.


Me: Hi Tall-nut Zombie!

Tall-nut Zombie: Hi Drekz!

Me: How can you survive from Squashes' stomp and Potato Mines' explosion?

Tall-nut Zombie: Theez becoze deir demij onli dils abaut 100 demij en I absorbz 120 normel demij shatz.

Me: How about your Tall-nut? Isn't it so heavy? If it is, then why do your speed is normal? 

Tall-nut Zombie: De Tal-nat is acctualy very laig. It risists from demij becos som EMP shild inside.

Me: Why do you keep frowning and crying if you are damaged critically?

Tall-nut Zombie: Becoz Tal-nat du it laik det!

Me: OK. I have enough information here so bye!

Tall-nut Zombie: Bye!