Written by Drek


  • Drake (Gold Magnet)
  • Jake (Snow Pea)
  • Speareshake (Squash)




  • Power Room
  • Firing Range
  • Armory Room



  • Lobby
  • Room 213


Monday, April 15, 2013 on barracks in Jaffrey, New Hampshire...

Jake: Hey guys, let's do a shooting training!

Speareshake and Drake: OK.

They go to the armory room, taking some weapons

Drake: What weapon you want to use? I'll use this F2000 assault rifle.

Jake: I'll use M60 machine gun. Ya know, Rambo style!

Speareshake: I'll use P90 submachine gun.

After taking weapons, they go to the firing range

Speareshake:Are you all ready?



Speareshake:OK, the target will come in 3 seconds. 3... 2... 1... GO!

They shoot at every target. 5 minutes later...

Drake:Why do the lights are flickering?

Jake:As usual, the power supply seems malfunctioning.

Drake:Then let's go to the power room! Speareshake, you stay here and tell me if the lights are working properly!

On power room...

Drake:I'm gonna fix that one, seems the power goes wrong on that one, the green light become yellow every five seconds.

Drake tries to fix the malfunctioning power supply.

Jake:Hey, don't press that button, it's dangerous! Don't be an idiot!

Drake:Don't worry, nothing will happens, I'm sure because I have ever fixed a power supply like this.

Jake:But this one is different, this one will cause this one to boost its po...

Drake already pressed that button before Jake said all he wanted to mention, then Drake gets electrified

Jake:D a r n! This room will blow up! I must take Drake to the safe place.

Jake carries Drake, then running as fast as he can. 20 seconds later...

(Power supply explosion): BOOM!!!!!! POWIE!!!! SPUDOW!!!!! DOOM!!!! BOOM!!!!!!!!!!

Jake:Safe here.

Speareshake:Why do all the lights turning off, Jake?

Jake:Because Drake presssed one of the boost button on one of the power supply! Let's take him to hospital, right now! Call 911!


After called 911 and the ambulance takes Drake to the hospital, Jake and Speareshake goes to the hospital too with a Gallardo car.

Jake:Speareshake, go to the information desk and ask where Drake is treated, then tell me after that and go to that room.


After asking the reception...

Speareshake:He's on the room 213.

On room 213...

Jake:Drake, are you OK?

Drake:How can I say OK? I got electrocuted and now I'm treated here.

Jake:That's your fault, you pressed that button and ignored my advise, and you're now must be treated for awhile.

Drake:I'm so sorry, I won't do that again.



  • All the plants name ends with 'ake'
  • Speareshake is a parody on Shakespeare.
  • Room 213 was the number of Jeffrey Dahmer's apartment. Dahmer was a serial killer who murdered 17 men and boys.
  • Jaffrey, New Hampshire is where a famous, unsolved mystery of Dr. William Dean took place in 1918. Apparently, it spread paranoia about the town and is one of its darkest moments.