By Neoninjaboy320






Grave Buster




At night, the shrooms are bored, waiting for some action...

Scaredy-shroom: AHHHHHH!!

The shrooms stare at Scardey-Shroom.

Scaredy-shroom: Sorry.

Puff-shroom: What's your problem?

Scaredy-shroom: Nothing.

Grave Buster: Come on, tell us.

Scaredy-shroom: I thought I saw a zombie.

Ice-shroom: Well the Wa-

The Zombies, are coming...

Ice-shroom: There they are.

Puff-shroom: Prepare for spores, zombies!

Scardey-shroom: Sigh- where's Winter-melon? I wish he were here, he alwalys listens to me.

Doom-shroom: Just shut up, and fire your spores.

Scardey-Shroom: Right.

A zombie is getting real close to Scardey-Shroom, and he is about to duck. When Fume-shroom shouts at him.

Fume-shroom: Don't you dare go into that hole!

Scardey-Shroom: But it's my hobby, that and eating banana gummy bears...

Sun-shroom: Come on, just stand up, and kill that zombie!

Puff-shroom: Come on, even that two-tailed fox, knows a thing or 2 about killin' zombs.

Doom-shroom: Don't forget our owner!

Fume-shroom: Let's stop talking and let him focus.

All shrooms: Okay.

The Zombie is only 5 lawn squares away from Scardey-Shroom.

And boy, is he hungry.

Scardey-shroom's thoughts: Icandothisicandothisicandothisicandothis

Scardey-shroom: I CAN DO THIS!!!

Scardey-shroom shoots alot at spores at the zombie, killing it in 20 seconds, while he was on the 2nd square.

All shrooms: Cheering-

Fume-shroom: You did it!

Scardey-shroom: I did?

Puff-shroom: Of course you did! I didn't know you had it in ya!

Sun-shroom: Awesome job!

The sun comes up, and the shrooms talk for a few more minutes before falling alseep.

A peice of something green can be seen in the grass...

The End.