UnarmedPotatoMine This fanfic is currently under construction!

Written by Drek.


Travis (Squash)

Richard (Flower Pot)

Nick (Plantern)

Frank (Starfruit)

Carl (Split Pea)



  • Rocket launching field
  • Research Room

The Rocket

  • Control Room (Main room)
  • Communication Room
  • Bedroom

The Moon

  • G35 Space Station
  • Digging Project Outpost Omega
  • Digging Project Outpost Alpha
  • Digging Project Outpost Foxtrot
  • Digging Project Outpost Zulu


Monday, May 06 2013. At a research room...

Richard: It's time to test our prideful Experiement #166 Rocket! Launch it! Launch it! Please!

Travis:Just 1 hour again, please calm down!

Frank:Um... it's actually 45 minutes again.

Carl:No. 1 hour again on my watch and phone. Maybe your watch time is wrong.

Nick:Hmm... there will be snowstorm about 30 minutes again. We must speed it up. Better now.

Travis:Alright, let's get on rocket!

On rocket launching area...

Frank:We're ready to fly.

Nick:Need some countdown first.

Richard: (talking to station using radio)E-166 will launch in about a minute. Initiate the countdown now.

Travis:Does the countdown will start now?


45 seconds later...

Richard:Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Launching.


Carl:I can see some.....

Richard:Some what?



Richard:Thats to avoid  some planes.

On communication room...

Frank:To the station, we've just passed some planes that will hit us! Add that to our 'Amazing flight log'!

On bedroom...

Travis:What happened?

Nick:Just some speed boost.

Back on the control room...

Richard:Back part will automatically ejects in 5 seconds. Done.

Back on the bedroom...

Travis:Do you mind if you make some noodle for me?

Nick:No, I'm not. I also hungry too.

40 minutes later...

Nick:Here it is.

On the communication room...

Frank:Carl, please stop being noisy with that 'YEAH I WIN I WIN!!!' sound just because you win that PvZ game! That's too annoying to hear and I can't concentrate listening to my newest music!

Carl:Oh, c'mon... that's just your newly-released album. You still can hear it later.

Frank:But I'm concentrating to this because I'm listening to my album songs reversed and check if there are some coincidental backmasking!

10 hours later on moon...

Richard:Welcome to the moon! Here we can find our digging projects. But before that, go to the space station first to take some rest..

Frank:Is there any network signal here? I want to do some searching about the moon.

Richard:No signal here! Too far away from satellite!


Richard:Space station is just 100m from here! C'mon dont surrender!

On the spasce station....

Carl:347 50m3 f00d f1r57 7h3n 90 70 7h47 1337 d1991n9 pr0j3c7! (Eat some food first then go to that elite digging project!)

Travis:Carl, don't say leetic numbers to mention a word when we are gettign serious here!