Creaated by Drek.


Cob cannon is cooking a steak, because he forgot to turn off the stove, it burns the nearby apron and burns the kitchen.

Cob: Somebody, help me!!! Fire is burning my house and the exit door's lock is broken!

Repeater: I hear someone is screaming for help, sounds like Cob Cannon. I have to go there.

Melon-pult: I smell smokes! Smells like something burning outside. (Melon-pult stares at Cob cannon's house) WHAT? Cob's house is burning!

(Repeater and Melon-pult calls fire department to extinguish Cob's house, then they soonly go to Cob's house to rescue Cob Cannon. The fire is still small and just burning the kitchen and bedroom so they prepare nothing but a big rock to break the door and rescue him)

Cob: Rep and Melon is here. I'm saved.

Repeater: I'm coming Cob!

(Repeater throws a rock to break the door, then gets in to rescue Cob)

Repeater: Let's get outta here. Melon will extinguish some of the fire with some fire extinguisher

(They get out from house)

Cob: Thanks (cough). I can got burnt there if nobody helps (cough).

Repeater: Your welcome

(Cob faints because of the smokes that he inhales)

Repeater: Cob, are you OK? Oh no! Cob faints! I need to call 911 again.

Melon: Here we go the extinguisher, ready to extinguish some of the fire!

(Melon extinguishes some of the fire from the bedroom)

Melon: Out of extinguisher!

(Firetrucks comes then extinguish the fire, after 30 minutes the fire eventually extinguished)

Repeater:Finally, extinguished too.

(Melon comes out from house)

Melon: What happened to Cob? Faints?

Repeater: He faints. I've called 911.

(after 15 minutes the ambulance comes, then Rep and Melon goes to hospital with Repeater's Ferrari car)

Melon: Where is the hospital where Cob is treated?

Repeater: On Gallantrus Street. About 10 kilometers from here. I estimate that we will there in 15 minutes.


(Then they come to the hospital and ask where is Cob Cannon's room at the information desk)

Repeater: Where is Cob's room?

Sunflower: In room 502, at sixth floor.


(They go to room 502 where cob cannon is treated)

Repeater:Cob, are you ok?

Cob:Yes, I got a burn too. About 10%

Melon:It's OK.

(Then a nurse (Cactus) comes)

Melon:Madam, how long cob needs to treated here?

Cactus:About 3 days.

Melon:OK, thanks.

(They go home)

Melon:We'll go back to hospital after 3 days to take Cob to my house, OK?

Repeater:OK. Bye

(3 days later, melon go to Repeater's house)

Melon:Let's go to hospital! We'll take Cob to my house, some of workers are fixing Cob's house

Repeater:Let's go!

(They go to hospital to take Cob to Melon-pult's house)

Repeater:Cob, get in the car! I will take you to Melon's house for few weeks while workers are fixing your house.

Cob:Let's go.

Melon:Finally, all the problem has finished.

(They go back home)