Plants Vs. Zombies: The Series


Surreal Humor

Created By

Adam Campbell-Sing

Based On

Plants Vs. Zombies By PopCap Games

Directed By

Danny Zappin

Voices Of

Adam Campbell-Sing
Ray William Johnson
Lisa Schwartz
Hugo Harrison
Steve Greene
Kevin Brueck
Timothy De La Ghetto

Country Of Origin

United Kingdom
United States

Production Company(s)

FamilySing Animation
PopCap Studios
Zappin Productions
C.O.R.E Digital Pictures
Studio Soi


Maker Studios
FamilySing Entertainment

Original Run

August 9, 2013 - Present

Plants Vs. Zombies: The Series Is A Plants Vs. Zombies Web Show That Premiered On August 9, 2013 On The FamilySingStudios YouTube Channel.




  • Pea (Voiced By Adam Campbell-Sing) - A 23-Year-Old Peashooter And The Lead Protagonist Of The Show who is a massive troublemaker and tries to prove himself that he is trying to participate in a mission while he actually is not while he is doing something else allegedly. He is also the victim Of circumstance. He has a crush on Mari, a Marigold Temp worker at The Bloom And Doom Seed Company, a secret service company trying to fend off Zombie invasions around the world.
  • Sunny (Voiced By Ray William Johnson) - A 23-Year-Old Sunflower Who Is Not As Helpful As The Others And Can Be Very Annoying. He Is Extremely Silly, Dumb, And Never Listens To The Other's Advice. Everyone (Except Idaho) Hates Him Because Of The Multiple Problems He Causes And His Idiotic Mind. His Favourite Food Is Nachos, Which Is Probably The Only Food He Eats Because He Believes It Is Made By His Solar Production Source, Sun.
  • Wally (Voiced By Adam Campbell-Sing) - A Wall-Nut Who Is Considered To Be Pea's Best Friend And Is Pictured As The Smartest Of The Seekers And Is Very Good At Maths And Science. He Is Also Very Strong In Many Ways Of Taking Pain (Like Getting A Pickaxe Stuck To His Eye, Being Chopped Up By Flying Knifes Or Shurikens) Making Him A Very Likeable Plant.
    • Chomper - Wally's Pet Chomper Who Constantly Eats Everything In Sight, Including Burgers, Projectiles And Even Zombies.
  • Mell (Voiced By Steve Greene) - A Melon-Pult Who Considers Himself As A Very Important Plant. He Is Always Overconfident And Popular About Himself. He Loves Ice Storms, A Slushy Brand At The Fast Food Restaurant Chain World's Famous Times Diner, Whom He Is Only Obsessed With. He Has A Ginormous Crush On Sansa, A Timid Sun-Shroom Who Also Has A Crush On Him. He's Also On Facebook.
  • Sansa (Voiced By Lisa Schwartz) - A Sun-Shroom Who Is Very Fond With Animals, With The Most Important Being Her Pet Kitten, Angel. She Is Sweet, Feminine And Calm, But Is Often Very Shy Around The Others. She Is Not As Enthusiastic As The Others, and has A Crush On Mell, A Melon-Pult Who Also Adores Her.
  • Rex (Voiced By Kevin Brueck) - A Gatling Pea Who Is The Leader Of The Seekers. He Is Intellectual, Serious And Level-Headed, And Has Fought Many Zombie Wars Before The Events Of The Series. Like Sansa, He Also Tries To Stop Arguments. He Is Also Shown To Be The Second Smartest Seeker, First Being Wally, Who Gets Anxious On His Oppinions.


  • Idaho (Voiced By Timothy De La Ghetto) - A Potato Mine From Texas Who Is A Massive Troublemaker And His Hated 100% By All Of The Plants (Except Sunny). Unlike Sunny, He Is One Who Gets Grounded All Of The Time. His Explosions Are Always The Key To Getting Him Into Trouble. He was written out of the show in Season 2, mainly because he did not have an episode focusing on him.
  • The Puffs (Puff Jay, Puff Jake And Puff Jim)
  • Ermac
  • The Fart
  • Kosh (Voiced By Hugo Harrison) - Glalie Ambassador To Sector 5 And The Second To The Throne Of The House Vorlon. As A Diplomatic Attache To Rex, He Is Only Often Seen In Rex's Office.



Season 1 (2013-2014)

Episode Name Plot Airdate
1 FistCrapped While At A Visit To The Jersey Shore, Pea Gets Caught Red-Handed On Admiring A Hot Girl. So The Head Of The Garden Security, The Brock Tries To Help By "FistCrapping" Him. Now With The New FistCrappery Skills, Pea Tries To Become The Coolest Guy On The Beach. August 9, 2013
2 Die For Killing Zombies Wally Tries To Persuade Is Grandmother To Join The Seekers, Who Is Actually A Zombie. Then, After A While, Things Get Awry. August 16, 2013
3 Like My Status After Sansa Tells Him To Change His Facebook Relationship Status From "Single" To "In A Relationship", Mell Gets Sucked Into Facebook. September 1, 2013
4 Bad Seed Pea Tries To Win Over His Girlfriend Mari By Babysitting Her Granddaughter, Who Turns Out To Have Been Driving His Friends Crazy. March 28, 2014
5 #1 Fan Wilton, A Garlic Who Is The #1 Fan Of The Seekers, Comes To Visit, As Pea Is Jealous Of How Much Wilton Likes His Friends More Than Him. April 25, 2014
6 G.I.A - G.P.S Rex Buys The Plants A GPS, And Mell Seems To Think It Is The Team's New Co-Pilot And Robotic Slave. May 30, 2014
7 Temp Check Wally Is Taking A Vacation From Zombie-Protection Work So He Hires His Brother Tally To Take Over His Duties. Over Time, Tally Tries To Assume Wally's Identity And Unwittingly Sparks A Rebellion.
NOTE: The Episode was originally scheduled for June 6, 2014, but due to the video not getting done on time, it was delayed to the following week.
June 13, 2014
8 Road Rage After Pea Crashes Crazy Dave's Minibus, He Is Forced To Pass A Series Of Rage Tests In Order To Keep Him Occupied When The Bus Is Slowly Being Towed Back Onto The Road. June 20, 2014
9 ISO Tank Pea Uses An Isolation Tank In Order To Find Ideas For A Love Song For Mari. June 27, 2014
10 Bus Arrest While His Friends Are On Community Service Chores, Pea Must Keep Mari Unaware Of His House Arrest On Crazy Dave's Bus. July 18, 2014

Season 2 (2014-2015)

Season 3 (2015-2016)