By Theinvisiblehotdog.


Pumpkin (flashback)

Squash (flashback)

Zombies (regular zombies and different ones in the flashback)



Crazy Dave

Split Pea

Sea-shroom (cameo)

Gatling Pea (cameo)

Umbrella Leaf (cameo)

Jalapeno (cameo)

Peashooter (cameo)

Torchwood (cameo)


In the previous episode...

Me: Why am i out here?

Pumpkin: Because you deserve to be punished if you don't use us anymore.

Squash: I decided i won't leave. But i overheard what you said. And you do deserve this.

Me: To be eaten by zombies? How could you, you crazy plants? I only have powers when the zombies are away!

Sunflower: Prove it!

Zombies: Brains!

Me: Superstrength! *muscles inflate, then they deflate* See?

Sunflower: Ok, we'll take care of this. 

Now returning you to your program...

Zombies: Grahhh, this is borrrringgg. *they all walk away*

Me: What? You guys can't do that!

Sunflower: Oh yes we can!

Me: Go ahead. *superstrength*

Sunflower: *tries to punch me but her leaf crumbles* No!!!!!

Regular Zombies: Now this is funnyyyyyyyyy!

Me: *power dissappears* No!

Sunflower: *punches me until i get knocked out*

Me: *tounge springs out with a tiny version of me like a cuckoo clock* Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

Crazy Dave: Sunflower, you're arrested for harassing Theinvisiblehotdog.

Sunflower: But I-

Crazy Dave: No buts! Come on!

5 minutes later...

Sunflower: *is locked in a jail cell* This stinks!

Crazy Dave: Eww! *holds nose* I know. You should know how much jail time you've got.

Sunflower: Ugh, how much time?

Crazy Dave: Drumroll, please? *drumroll begins* 4 months! *drumroll stops*

Sunflower: *slams head on wall* My beat isn't working anymore...

Crazy Dave: *leaves* *view changes to the lawn* Well, that was taken care of.

Me: *sits up* Oh, what happened?

Crazy Dave: Sunflower knocked you out. So i put her in jail for 4 months.

Me: Okay. Wait, where are the zombies?

Crazy Dave: They got bored again.

Split Pea, Repeater: Really, really, really...

Split Pea, Peashooter: Reaaalllyyy bored.


Me: I heard a noise...

Sunflower: See ya, suckers!

Me, Crazy Dave, Sea-shroom, Gatling Pea, Umbrella Leaf, and Jalapeno: Aww, dang it!

Sunflower: You fools can't get me!

Peashooter: Yes we can! *shoots pea through Torchwood*

Sunflower: *burns to a crisp* Ow...

Join us next time to see how Sunflower escapes!