Cob Cannon

Spikerock (flashback)


Zombies (flashback)

Flower Pot (flashback)



Gold Magnet

Tangle Kelp


Gatling Pea




Coffee Bean







In the previous episode...

Cob Cannon: The zombies are coming tomorrow! As well as... *whispers* the boss. I'd rather not say it out loud because Squash will cry.

Spikerock: The moon's coming down!

Squash: No! *yells at the sky* Moon! Stay up! Moon!!!

Spikerock: The sky can't hear you, Squash. The zombies are coming soon anyways.

Squash: Aww...

Zombies: *growling*

Flower Pot: I think i heard them now.

Now returning you to your program...

Squash: The moon is down. And i am too.

Kernel-Pult: Oh, for the love of corncobs rolled in butter, stop worrying about the boss as a zombie!

Squash: I will squash you.

Kernel-Pult: Stay right here and keep your eyes closed.

Squash: Ok. *closes eyes*

Kernel-Pult: *whispering* Doom-Shroom?

Doom-Shroom: Yes?

Kernel-Pult: Go blow up Squash, please.

Doom-Shroom. Okay. *explodes on Squash*

Squash: Doom-Shroom exploded me. Kernel-Pult, did you make him do this?

Kernel-Pult: Uh... heheh...

Squash: *squashes Kernel-Pult*

Gold Magnet: Squash, you're arrested for squashing another plant.

Squash: These stupid plants. I'm going to go on the zombie side from now on.

Gold Magnet: Well, we've lost Squash and Kernel-Pult.

Kernel-Pult: I'm okay.

Tangle Kelp: I can't believe Squash. He hates us?

Me: GRRRAAAAHHHH- *transforms back into a human* And he should've known this zombie stuff wears off.

Cabbage-Pult: AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! You're... not a zombie?

Me: Right, this stuff wears off. But i can handle this. I've got superpowers.

Gatling Pea: Well, i guess you don't need us anymore.

Me: Nope!

Tall-Nut: How could you betray us?

Me: I-

Sunflower: Nope, we don't wanna hear it.

Me: *sitting on bed with Sea-Shroom, Coffee Bean, Sunflower, Threepeater, Blover, Plantern, Spikeweed, Pumpkin and Cob Cannon staring at me angrily*

Blover: *blows me onto the lawn*

Me: Why am i out here?

Pumpkin: Because you deserve to be punished if you don't use us anymore.

Squash: I decided i won't leave. But i overheard what you said. And you do deserve this.

Me: To be eaten by zombies? How could you, you crazy plants? I only have powers when the zombies are away!

Sunflower: Prove it!

Zombies: Brains!

Me: Superstrength! *muscles inflate, then they deflate* See?

Sunflower: Ok, we'll take care of this.

Join us next time to see the plants get revenge!