By Theinvisiblehotdog



All Plants (flashback)


Cherry Bomb






Coffee Bean



Flower Pot

Giga-Gargantuar (flashback)

Football Zombie (flashback)

Conehead Zombie (flashback)

Regular Zombie (flashback)

Screen Door Zombie (flashback)

Jack-In-The-Box Zombie (flashback)


In the previous episode...

Me: *runs outside* *long gasp* No! *view changes to the fence* Zombies!

All Plants: We'll take care of this!

Garlic: Just stay inside.

Me: Ok. *runs inside*

After an all-out battle with a wave of football, conehead, normal, screen door and jack-in-the-box zombies...

Me: How long does it take for plants to beat some zombies?

Giga-Gargantuar: *breaks the door*


Now returning you to your program...

Giga-Gargantuar: *bites me*

Me: Noooo!

Giga-Gargantuar: *dies from Squash squashing him*

Squash: Theinvisiblehotdog! We got the zombies- Theinvisiblehotdog?

Me: Just call me... boss...

Squash: Boss! What's wrong?

Me: That stupid giga-gargantuar bit me. Get me to the cemetary... quick.

Squash: Aren't you just gonna come back for brains?

Me: I... guess so. Well, tomorrow.

Squash: *starts crying* Okay. *view changes to the cemetary* *puts me in a grave* Bye, boss. I'll miss you... *cries some more while walking away*

Cherry Bomb, Cherry 1: Uh, guys?

Cherry Bomb, Cherry 2: Squash has left for some reason.

Squash: *crying more*

Sun-Shroom: He's back, guys. And he's sad.

Hypno-Shroom: Hey, Squash, what's wrong.

Squash: The boss... *sniffs* he's been bitten by a zombie.*sniffs* Can someone get a tissue?

Scaredy-Shroom: Here you go.

Squash: Thanks. *blows nose* Anyways, he's coming tomorrow. I just can't squash him.

Lily Pad: I'm very sorry to say this, but, he's a zombie now. He's going to eat you if you don't squash him. Do you want to be eaten?

Squash: No. I guess i just have to crush him.

Cattail: Now, that's the spirit!

Gloom-Shroom: Boring! *falls asleep*

Imitater: Wake 'im up! Wake 'im up!

Coffee Bean: Oh my goodness, i am a vampire with goggles, and i am holding a blue lion! It's like i entered in Craziness Championship and won! Actually, i did! Superhero Spaghetti! Ooh! Gloom-Shroom is asleep! Let's wake him up! *wakes him up*

Gloom-Shroom: Why did you wake me up?

Coffee Bean: Because i had to!

Gloom-Shroom: Who told you to?

Imitater: I did, fellow bubble-shootin' mushroom!

Gloom-Shroom: *slaps Imitater*

In a night level...

Cob Cannon: The zombies are coming tomorrow! As well as... *whispers* the boss. I'd rather not say it out loud because Squash will cry.

Spikerock: The moon's coming down!

Squash: No! *yells at the sky* Moon! Stay up! Moon!!!

Spikerock: The sky can't hear you, Squash. The zombies are coming soon anyways.

Squash: Aww...

Zombies: *growling*

Flower Pot: I think i heard them now.

Join us next time to see me as a zombie!