Made by Milesprower2.

This is my second interview, this time with a Sunflower.

Me: "Hello, Sunflower."

Sunflower: "Hi Miles!"

Me: "So, Sunflower, how do you make sun?"

Sunflower: "It's a long and complicated process. First, I absorb solar rays and perform Photosynthesis, then I..."

Five minutes later...

Sunflower: "And that's how I make sun."

Me: "(snoring noises)"

Sunflower: "Oops, did I take too long to explain it?"

Me: "(wakes up) Oh, sorry, I dozed off there!"

Sunflower: "Sorry, I do go on sometimes."

Me: "How did you learn to sing?"

Sunflower: "I learnt to sing when I was a seedling, and someone sang to me while I was growing. I listened to enough singing to learn it."

Me: "I hear that you are very popular?"

Sunflower: "Oh yes, I'm friends with most of the Plants, except Sun-shroom. He hates sun, and I make it, so, you can see why he doesn't like me."

Me: "Okay, now, what is your favorite line in the song Zombies on Your Lawn?"

Sunflower: "We'll use this solar power to make a lawn defense at any hour! I love that! You know, I wrote the song myself!"

Me: "Really, I thought it was written by Laura Shigihara?"

Sunflower: "And my voice is the same as her voice, isn't it?"

Me: "..."

Sunflower: "Any other questions?"

Me: "Nope, that's all! Thanks for your time!"