Made by Milesprower2.

This is an interview with the Peashooter. Obviously.

Me: "Hello, Peashooter."

Peashooter: "Hello MP2. Haha, MP2!"

Me: "Yes, well just call me Miles."

Peashooter: "!"

Me: "Anyway, how do you shoots peas? Isn't it impossible for a plant?"

Peashooter: "Normally, yes, but I'm a mutant, made at the Bloom and Doom Seed Co."

Me: "Why don't you shoots more peas, like other plants?"

Peashooter: "Well, MP2, it wouldn't be very fair if I did shoot lots of peas for such a small cost of sun. Surely you know that, since you hate overpowered plants on PvZCC?"

Me: "Hey, this isn't about me!"

Peashooter: "Sorry, I just need to go for a pea. Geddit? Pea?"

Me: "Be serious, I haven't finished asking you questions yet! Do you have any friends or family?"

Peashooter: "The other Peashooting plants are my family. I don't like the Repeater or Gatling Pea much though. We're all triplets, but Repeater and Gatling Pea have too much attitude. Sometimes I can't even believe we're related."

Me: "What about friends?"

Peashooter: "I'm only really a friend with Sunflower, but then so's almost every other plant."

Me: "What about the pults?"

Peashooter: "I HATE THE PULTS!!! They think they're all high and mighty! Everyone uses them instead of me! In fact, I don't remember the last time you planted me MP2! You've been using the pults haven't you?"

Me: "Erm..."

Peashooter: "You have?!"

Me: "I'm going to show myself out. (Quietly) talk about an attitude, I can see the relation with Repeater and Gatling Pea..."