Made by Milesprower2.

This is an interview with the smelly and stinky fuming mushroom.

Me: "Hi Fume-shroom!"

Fume-shroom: "Hi Mild Miles!"

Me: "Please don't call me that."

Fume-shroom: "Okay."

Me: "So, Fume-shroom, some plants think you are smelly, what do you say to them?"

Fume-shroom: "It's a small price to pay for effective attacks."

Me: "I agree. Do you have any friends?"

Fume-shroom: "Puff-shroom's my best friend. He told me about this job fighting zombies."

Me: "I know. Eww, what's that smell?"

Fume-shroom: "Sorry, I farted."

Me: "...I thought you only released toxic fumes when zombies are around?"

Fume-shroom: "Sometimes I can't stop myself."

Me: "I know the feeling. So, anything else you'd like to say?"

Fume-shroom: "Can I add you as a friend on Facebook? I need help unlocking the Fume-shroom in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures."

Me: "There are no mushrooms in PvZA."

Fume-shroom: "But, but, what about Magnet-shroom?"

Me: "You mean Magnet Plant."


Me: "I'm sorry..."

Fume-shroom: "I think I'd like some time alone."

Me: "Okay, goodbye."