By Neoninjaboy320



  • PJ Peashooter
  • Wally Wall-Nut
  • Sunflower
  • Marigold
  • Snow Pea
  • Cattail
  • Cactus


  • Zombie
  • Conehead Zombie
  • Buckethead Zombie
  • Football Zombie
  • Screen Door Zombie


  • HomeOwner


A normal day at the lawn, turned upside-down when a new Peashooter was introduced...

HomeOwner: Ahh, there you go, Hey Plants! I just planted someone new!

Wally Wall-nut: Who?

Peashooter: Where'd you come from?

Wally Wall-Nut: Yeah, I've been here for awhile, you just never noticed me.

Snow Pea: Yeeeaaah, whatevs, so, who's this new guy?

PJ Peashooter: What's up mah mans?

Cactus: Clears throat- Some of us, are Female T_T

PJ Peashooter: Oh, sorry mah mans, and woMANs XD

Cattail and Cactus roll their eyes as PJ Peashooter introduces himself.

PJ Peashooter: So anyway, my name PJ Peashooter, what are your names?

The Plants introduce themselves to PJ Peashooter.

PJ Peashooter: MEEP!

Cattail: Huh?

PJ Peashooter: I'm a very energeticfellow,heyareyoupink?,whereami?

Coffee Bean: omgomgomg,areyousuperengergeticlikeme?

PJ Peashooter: You betcha, Ke$ha.

Coffee Bean: I love Ke$ha!

Coffee Bean and PJ interact and talk to each other for a long time, when zombies appear on the lawn.

Buckethead Zombie: Brainz

Peashooter: Zombies! places everyone!

'PJ is confused on where to go, 'so he goes in front of Wally Wall-Nut.

Wally Wall-Nut: Hey buddy, go BEHIND me so you can get some cover fire.

PJ Peashooter: Oh, sorry about that.

Football Zombie: Charge!!!!

Football Zombie seems to be leading a huge wave of (Not-so huge) Zombies.

Screen Door Zombie: I have a Screen Door Sheild

Zombie: Yeah, Yeah, We've heard that in that music video we recorded!

The Plants fight off the zombies, With PJ Peashooter, killing the Football Zombie, He offically became a new member of The Plants.

The End.