Author: ProcastinatorMan


All PvZCC Zombies used in this story were created by the author


It was a Wednesday afternoon, and two friends;Pillow Armored Zombie and Batter Zombie, were doing friendly stuff. And with friendly stuff we mean batting pillows. They were practicing a way to get past those pesky plants. Soon, a mysterious zombie figure appeared in front of the two, and handed invitations.

They read:

"Dee-er Gests,

Joo hav bin invaited to an awsom partee in a manchion. Joo hav to hav dis invitaichion to enterr.

Saind, A Zombie"

It did seem like a good offer, and the back of the card held the direction, so they both knew just where to go. It was all a trap, but there was no way Pillow Armored Zombie or Batter Zombie would know. Because of that, they accepted and went to the mansion. Inside, they were informed they would have to wait for the night.

The sun set, and the moon rised. The two zombie friends were anxious, waiting for the party. But then the lights blacked out. They came back in, but they saw in front of them a Plantern. Scared, they shouted, "Aah!" . The two did what they knew, and tried eating the plant. However, as soon as they made contact, it went away, along with the lights.

They went through hallways, and heard evil zombie laughs, which scared them more. Occasional lightning striked, and they saw figures in front of them. Gatling Peas, Gloom-shrooms, Winter Melons, Chompers, and all the likes. As soon as they saw the last figure, a Doom-shroom, they were so scared they were unable to move. The exit was only about three meters away, but they just couldn't reach it.

Then, the lights went on, and a huge green silhouete(sp?) appeared. It was Sumo Wrestler Zombie. "Hahaha", he chuckled,"I played a good prank on both of you. I was the one who handed the invitations to you. I changed the electricity system so I could turn all the lights on and off at will and easily. I even placed fake plants in front of you. Man, I sure got a laugh out of this. You passed the night without exiting, so I'll reward you with some leftover brains"

Quite traumatized, the two friends left. The brains didn't calm them down much, but the frights eventually went out. The Plant Mansion isn't scary for a person, but it is for a zombie. Perspective can mean all.

(PS: This is considered a Zombie-only fanfic because the plants are only mentioned, they're not real)