This is a story about the Plants overasking Marigold for coins to buy their favorite things.

Created by Ariq1144.


  • Homeowner
  • Marigold
  • Starfruit
  • Repeater
  • Squash
  • Cherry Bomb
  • Wall-nut
  • Peashooter
  • Beet
  • Chomper
  • Snow Pea
  • Melon-pult
  • Cabbage-pult
  • Kernel-pult
  • Potato Mine
  • Jalapeno
  • Sap-fling
  • Escape Root
  • Threepeater
  • Basic Zombie
  • Hypno-shroom
  • Coffee Bean
  • Umbrella Leaf
  • Torchwood


One peaceful morning, in the Zen Garden, the Homeowner is watering his/her plants...

Marigold: “La la la la la~”

*Marigold spits out a coin*

Marigold: “Ooh! A silver one!”

Homeowner: “Nice! Now I have enough coins to buy that sweet upgrade from Crazy Dave’s shop!” *takes coin* “Thanks, Marigold!”

Marigold: “Just doing my job! Hehe.”

*The Homeowner leaves to go to Crazy Dave’s shop*

Marigold: “Next time, should I spit out a silver one, or a gold one? Hmm...”

Chapter 1: Coins Requests

A while later...

Starfruit: *Is sad*

Marigold: “Why do you look so sad, Starfruit?”

Starfruit: “I was saving up my money to buy a new rocket ship toy, but one of the coins fell to the sewer! Now I don’t have enough money.”

Marigold: “Don’t worry! I’ll help you!” *spits out a coin* “Here you go!”

Starfruit: “Wow! Thanks, Mari!”

Marigold: “No sweat! Hehe.”

Starfruit: “I’ll tell the others about your generosity! Bye, gotta buy a rocket!”

Marigold: “Uh, Starfruit? Wait! Uh...”

A little while later...

Marigold: *Hums*

Repeater: “Marigold!”

Marigold: “Huh? What is it, Rep–”

Repeater: “Can I have some coins? There’s something I really like to buy at the store.”

Marigold: “Uh... How many coins do you need?”

Repeater: “Three!”

Marigold: “Um, okay...”

1½ minute later...

Marigold: *Spits out another coin* “There!”

Repeater: *Takes coins* “Thanks! I’ll be sure to return! See ya!” *runs away*

Marigold: “Hey, wait! Ugh...”

Squash: “Marigold!”

Marigold: “Squash?”

Squash: “Hehey, buddy! I need some spare coins right now, and your help would be much appreciated.”

Marigold: “Uh... how many–”

Squash: “Only five little coins! It’s not that hard, is it?”

Marigold: “Um, okay, but this is gonna take a while.”

Squash: “It’s okay, take your time. Oh, and also, be quick! I don’t have much of a free time, you know.”

Marigold: *In her thought* “(Talk about contradicting statements...)”

2½ minutes later...

Marigold: “There you go! Your coins–”

Squash: *Takes coins* “Thanks, Marigold! I’ll be seeing you next time! Goodbye!” *runs away*

Marigold: “S-Squash!” *sighs*

Cherry Bomb: “Ah, there you are!”

Marigold: “Oh no...”

Cherry Bomb: “We were gonna ask you if you could spare us some coins. There’s something we really wants to buy.”

Marigold: “Uh... How many?”

Cherry Bomb: “Ten coins.”

Marigold: “TEN!?”

Cherry Bomb: “Yeah, ten. Well, are you willing to help us?” *stares at Marigold with intimidation*

Marigold: “U-uh... of course!”

Cherry Bomb: “Attagirl! Now, start!”

Marigold: *Gulp!*

5 minutes later...

Marigold: *Looks a little tired* “Here you go!”

Cherry Bomb: “Thanks! We’ll come back for another request! Bye!”

Marigold: “Cherry Bomb! Wait! I...” *sighs*

Wall-nut: “Hey, Marigold!”

Marigold: “Aaaaahhh!!!” *runs away*

Wall-nut: “Huh? I was just about to ask if she had any bandages. Oh well.” *shrugs non-existent shoulders*

Chapter 2: Moneymaker Chasers

In the lawn...

Marigold: “Huff! Puff! They keep asking me for coins!”

Peashooter: “Marigold!”

Marigold: “No!!! I won’t give you any coins!!!”

Peashooter: “Uh... what? No, I don’t need any coins right now.”

Marigold: “Oh, uh, why did you greet me then?”

Peashooter: “I was just about to ask you if–”

Beet: *Headbutts Peashooter*

Peashooter: “AAAAAaaaaahhhhh.....!!!!!” *crashes in the bushes*

Marigold: “Peashooter!!!”

Beet: “Marigold! I really need your coins!”

Marigold: “Nooooo!!!” *runs away*

Beet: “Hey! Marigold! Where are you going!?” *chases Marigold*

Marigold: *Is running* “I need to get away from these guys!”

Chomper: “Marigold!”

Snow Pea: “Hey Marigold! Wait up!”

Melon-pult: “I need to buy something!”

Cabbage-pult: “Marigold! Wait!”

Kernel-pult: “Can I have some coins?”

Marigold: *Still running* “Huff! Puff! Those guys are relentless!”

Potato Mine: *Rises from underground* “Hi!”

Marigold: “AAAHH!!!” *jumps over Potato Mine*

Potato Mine: “Can you give me some coins?” *burrows underground, then chases Marigold*

*The other Plants chases Marigold behind Potato Mine*

Jalapeno: “Coins!”

Sap-fling: “Hup!” *throw pinecones at Marigold*

Marigold: *Is trapped in sap* “HeEeEelp!!!”

*Escape Root covers Marigold*

Marigold: “Eh!?”

Escape Root: “Don’t worry! I’ll rescue you!”

*Escape Root and Marigold escapes*

*The Plants stopped chasing*

Threepeater: “Dang it, Escape Root!”

Basic Zombie: “Braaainz...”

Snow Pea: “Uh-oh! Didn’t realize we chased her to the cemetery!”

A lot of Zombies: “BRAAAINZZZ!!!”

Chapter 3: Getting Greedy

Meanwhile, in a hidden place somewhere...

Marigold: “Thanks for rescuing me, Rooty!”

Escape Root: “You’re welcome.”

Marigold: “Uh... could you let me go?”

Escape Root: “Not until you fulfill my request of 1000 coins!”

Marigold: “1000 COINS!?!?!?”

Escape Root: “Until then, I’m not gonna let you go... Hahaha!!!”

Marigold: “I can’t produce 1000 coins all by myself! It would take AGES!”

Escape Root: “Well, then you better start now!”

Marigold: “Ugh...”

Hypno-shroom: “Escape Root.”

Escape Root: “Huh?”

Hypno-shroom: “Stare into my eyes...”

Escape Root: “What the–” *gets hypnotized*

Hypno-shroom: *Close up on his swirly eyes* “You are getting sleepy... deeper, and deeper...”

Escape Root: “I’m very sleepy... I… Zzz…” *falls asleep*

Hypno-shroom: “Now release Marigold from your grasp...”

*Escape Root releases Marigold*

Marigold: “T-Thanks, Hypno!”

Hypno-shroom: “You’re welcome...”

Marigold: “But how are you awake? It’s still daytime.”

Coffee Bean: “With my help, of course!”

Hypno-shroom: “Yeah... We agreed to split the money that we’ll earn... from our... teamwork...”

Marigold: “...huh?”

Hypno-shroom: “Stare into my eyes...”

Marigold: “What!? No!!! I– …yes, master...”

Hypno-shroom: “You are getting sleepy... deeper, and deeper...”

Marigold: “I am getting sleepy...” *yawns*

Hypno-shroom: “Yes... now...”

Peashooter: “Marigold!!!” *shoots peas at Hypno-shroom and Coffee Bean*

Hypno-shroom: “Ugh!”

Coffee Bean: “Oww!”

Peashooter: *Grabs Marigold’s leaf, then runs* “Come on!”

Marigold: “Huh? What? Where?”

Peashooter: “We have to find the Homeowner!”

Repeater: “There they are!!! Hey, come here!!!”

Peashooter: “SHOOT!” *runs the other way*

The Plants: “Hey!!! Marigold!!! Maaariiigooold!!!”

Marigold: *Is exhausted* “Huff! Puff! I’m tired!”

Peashooter: “There!!! The Homeowner!!!”

Homeowner: *Hums* “Huh?”

Peashooter: “You gotta help us!!!”

Homeowner: “Sure! What can I do for you two?”

The Plants: “Marigold!!! Marigold!!!”

Homeowner: “The Plants? What is going on?”

*Peashooter and Marigold hides behind the Homeowner*

Repeater: “We want Marigold to spare us all some coins!”

The Plants: “Yeah!!!”

Homeowner: “Hold on, you all can’t just ask Marigold to give every single one of you coins! She’s just a single plant!”

Marigold: *Looks exhausted*

The Plants: “...”

Squash: “...the Homeowner's right! Money has turned us all to become greedy!”

Snow Pea: “We forced our friend to work really hard under pressure...”

Umbrella Leaf: “...just to fulfill our wish to buy stuff that probably isn’t that important.”

Torchwood: “Hey, mine was important, you know!”

Homeowwner: “A coin or two is alright every once in a while, but dozens of them, again and again?”

Repeater: “We’re really sorry about what happened, Mari.”

Chomper: “Yeah! We shouldn’t have been so greedy!”

Marigold: “It’s okay, I forgive all of you, as long as you promise you won’t do it again.”

The Plants: *Nods*


Peashooter: “Huh?”

Coffee Bean: “NOW!”

Hypno-shroom: “Stare into my eyes...”

Squash: “Oh be done with it already!” *squashes Hypno-shroom and Coffee Bean*

Coffee Bean: “Aaagh!”

Hypno-shroom: “OoWw...”

*Coffee Bean and Hypno-shroom passed out*

Squash: “There! Done!”

The Plants: *Laughs*

Marigold: *Phew!*

Homeowner: “Oh, by the way, can I have some spare coins? There’s something I’d like to buy.”

Marigold: “...”

Homeowner: “...”

The Plants: “...”

Everyone: *Laughs*

Homeowner: “Hahahaaa... but seriously. The Zombies are getting closer and I need to buy stuff from Crazy Dave’s shop.”

Marigold: “Oh! Uh, one coin, coming right up! That is, until I decide whether it should be a silver one or a gold one.”

Peashooter: “Classic Marigold.”

Everyone: *Laughs*



The next day, in the Zen Garden...

*Starfruit is playing with his toy rocket ship outside*

Starfruit: “Whee!”

Snow Pea: *Get inside while humming, suddenly stops* “Huh? HUH!?”

*The Zen Garden is full of Marigolds, each one having different colored petals*

Snow Pea: “WOW!!!”

*The Marigolds spits out a lot of coins*

Marigold: “Oh! Hello, Snow Pea!”

Snow Pea: “Marigold! This is awesome! Now we can ask all of these Marigolds to give us coins and–”

Marigold: “Upupup! Didn’t you promise not to abuse our power to make coins?”

Snow Pea: “But there’s a lot of you now! It would be enough for everyone to–”

Marigold: “A promise is a promise!”

*The Homeowner is seen collecting the coins*

Homeowner: “Oh! Hello, Snow Pea!” *continues collecting coins*

Snow Pea: “...this isn’t fair.”

Marigold: “Hehe!” *wink*