Written by Drek. The idea comes from the writer's modem that is very slow and the writer wants to destroy it.

Someday on Plant Feargal City...

Umbrella leaf: Time to browsing!

Umbrella Leaf connects to the Internet with his modem.

Umbrella Leaf: Ah, why too long?

The modem failed to connect.

Umbrella Leaf: Oh crap! The modem fails to do it!

Umbrella Leaf keeps trying, but always fail.

Umbrella Leaf: This modem CAN'T CONNECT! I MUST SMASH IT!!!

Umbrella leaf takes an axe.

Umbrella Leaf: While the modem is connecting, I'll wait, then if success I won't smash it, but if fail, I'm gonna wreck it!

The modem successfully connected

Umbrella Leaf:YES! Works finally.

After 10 minutes it automatially disconnects


He smashes the modem.

Umbrella Leaf:Time to clean up this mess. I have to get a Wi-Fi signal to browsing. Oh yes, gonna buy new modem too.

He cleans the room from the modem pieces.

Umbrella Leaf: OK, let's go to the electronic store.

In the electronic store, he buys the modem, it costs $34.99

Umbrella Leaf: Time to use this modem!

The computer is installing the modem, but it says missing some dll file to read the modem. It failed to install

Umbrella Leaf: Crap, it doesn't work, ah, smash it again...

He smashes the modem again and clean the modem pieces.

Umbrella Leaf: This time, I'll buy the T1 connection instead.



  • The sentence 'I'm gonna wreck it' spoken by Umbrella Leaf is a reference to Wreck-it Ralph movie, where Ralph say it when the music 'When Can I See You Again?'.