Hard-nutA This fanfic is currently complete but will be expanded in the future!

By Iamarepeater . No copying without prior permission from the author.

This is a mass interview of all the plants in every PVZ game.

We will start with this question: Have you ever been arrested? Let's us interview and find. 

Plants Vs Zombies


Peashooter: Errrr.... Yes. For overcharging someone.

Sunflower: For producing so much sun that everyone couldn't sleep at night. I was put in a lighthouse because of that. 

Left-Cherry Bomb: Explodating someone.

Right-Cherry Bomb: Yeah. We thought it was cool.

Wall-nut: For murdering a few plants by accident. I didn't expect them to appear out of nowhere while I was bowling myself.

Potato Mine: For blowing up the stage I was auditioning on. Why? The mike fell on me.

Snow Pea: For breaking a window while I was playing tennis. Don't ask how.

Chomper: For scaring the little children. It wasn't my fault.

Repeater: For accidentally shooting a police officer by the backside. Yes, for accidentally shooting a police officer by the backside. Wait, did I say it twice?


Me: Puff-shroom?

PS: Down here, Iamarepeater.

Sun-Shroom: Spit out sun on the floor.

Fume-shroom: For causing a gas problem, but that's nothing compared to Gloom-Shroom.

Grave Buster: Before you ask, I was not arrested.

Me: Not at all?

GB: Yep. I did eat someone but everyone hated him so I was let off. (Guess who was the one eaten)

Me: Hypno-Shroom, did you .... ( I saw him on weed) ..... Oh never mind. You must been arrested for smoking weed.

Hypno-Shroom: Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. (On weed)

Scaredy-Shroom: Don't interview me. You're not the person from the Circus. (Therefore, I moved on to Ice-Shroom)

Me: Ice-Shroom, did you ....

Ice-Shroom: Get arrested? (He completed my sentence) Yeah. For deep freezing everyone by accident.

Doom-shroom: For causing a killing spree of zombies during the audition. It wasn't my fault!


Lily Pad: I did not get arrested. In fact, I hope crazy Dave get arrested for what he did to make me fail my audition.

Squash: What is arrested? Who am I talking to?

Me: (Silent shocked expession then decide to move on to threepeater) Threepeater, did you get arrested? I only want 1 head to reply.

Threepeater's left head: Errrrr. For cheating at video games I guess. It led to a riot between all gamers. Result: we all got into trouble.

Tangle kelp: For trapping everything in my vines.

Jalapneo: Para causar una alteración del orden público ( Translation: For causing a public unrest ) ( Note: I used . Just for your interest, one, two, three in Spanish is uno, dos, tres)

Spikeweed: Popping Officer Ron's car tyres. How I surivived? Don't ask me.

Torchwood: For buring the audition stage by accident.

Tall-nut: For causing a horrible scene during my audtion.


Sea-Shroom: For turning my audition area into somewhere underwater.

Plantern: Same as Sunflower except it was for the whole night.

Catcus: For poking some people when they hugged me. At least it wasn't at the eyeball.

Blover: For blowing Officer Ron away by accident.

Frontie: We were bickering over who could keep the eyebrows.

Backie: Not true! It was about not being able to pay for our shopping.

Me: I will just move on. Starfruit, did you get arrested?

ST: No, but can I say one thing about myself?

Me: Not now. I have other plants. If you're very desperate, leave a message. I will reply to you ASAP. Next. By then all of you should know what i am asking you. Just say out whether you got arrested.

Pumpkin: For killing the director, I was let off.

Me: Magnet-Shroom?

MS: For pulling everything made of metal to me, disrupting other people's lives by accident.


Cabbage-Pult: For making a mean soup which made people vomit.

Flower Pot: For scaring people. I thought it was for fun.

Kennel-Pult: Nope, but I accidentally slowed music down with a big block of butter which I swinged up. I paid most of the repair.

Coffee-Bean: Forspeedingupeverythingbyaccidentlikerightnow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Blows up)

Garlic: For causing a stink, like fume-shroom. Just for your info, it was what led to my audition failure.

Umbrella Leaf: For destroying the ceiling while inside the house.

Marigold: Just don't ask how I sang the wrong song at my audition and being a total creep to Cabbage

Melon-Pult: Don't ask!

Me: Denying the fact that you hacked Bloons Tower Defense Battle?



MP: Uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Me: Next! Guards! Go and lock him up! And mind you Melon-head, no one plays the fool with the military authority.


Upgrade plants

Gatling Pea: For showing D-Day during my audition. At least I'm nicer than that melon big head you interviewed just now.

Me: I got to agree. If Milesprower2 saw this, he would have no doubt agreed with my choice to lock the melon head up

Twin Sunflower's left head: For shoplifting. My director said I should try it. (Whoever had read Reader's Digest Asia February issue should know where I got this excuse.)

TSRH: I said I would keep a good lookout for my sister. It's just that there was a CCTV which was what foiled our plans, I mean the director's plan.

Gloom-Shroom: For making the area so foggy that no one could see each other at very close distance anymore. They also choked on my fumes.

Cattail: Most likely for being a Nyan Cat.

Winter Melon: For making my audition area a winter wonderland. Don't ask why it's illegal.

Gold Magnet: Pocketing Officer Ron's money by accident.

Spikerock: For causing a din at about 2 a.m. in the morning. The rock show was on at about that time. I also believe that the audiences also got arrested.

Cob Cannon: For causing a nuclear explosion at my audition area.

Imitater: For illegal street show performances or if you want it in French, pour la rue de spectacles de clandestins. ( also used here)

Special Plants

Explode-o-nut: Blowing things up by accident.

Me: Anyone else?

Giant Wall-nut: Need me again?

Me: Nope. I thought you and Wall-nut are different plants.

GW: No. I am him. I just got bigger. Don't bother going to Giant Sunflower and Giant Marigold. They will say they are the bigger versions of themselves. I believe you already interviewed them.

Me: Oh. Thanks Wall-nut.

GW: No problem.

Me: Next.

Plants Vs Zombies Adventure

Aspearagus: For pushing people away by using a high-powered shot

Popcorn: Insanity, but was cured of that.

Beet: Beating people up by accident.

Flaming Pea: Burning people by accident.

Shamrock: For giving people bad luck.

Bamboo Shoot: Blowing up the entire state. DON'T ASK HOW!

Chilly Pepper: Giving 10 people the nasty chill. I heard they ended up in hospital. At least no one died.

Sweet Pea: For making everyone I shoot at addicted to Candy and Candy Crush Saga.

Beeshooter: For making everyone I shot at get stung. Some died.

Hard-nut: Yes? You interviewed me 3 times already.

Me: You're Wall-nut?

Hard-nut: Yes. I'm just wearing this builder's suit and I like it.

Me: Oh. Next.

Acespearagus: Like my non-pliot friends expect the the ammo blew up.

Power Flower: For smoking weed together with Hypno-Shroom. We thought it was good in huge amount.

Beetboxer: For beating people up so much that some of them died. It was an accident.

Ice Queen Pea: For breaking people's legs by encasing them in ice then shattering it.

Shamrockstar: For causing a din at 2 a.m. along with Spikerock.

Bamboom: For being a bad commander. My commend nearly led to the death of my troops.

Plants vs Zombies 2: It's about time

Ancient Eygpt

Bloomerang: For allowing the mike to swing back and forth in my audition. I didn't know it was illegal.

Iceberg Lettuce: For freezing innocent people by accident. Don't ask how I surivied.

Bonk Choy: Causing serious injury to zombies in my audition.

Pirate Seas

Snapdragon; For torching Sunflower's head by accident. She lodged a report on me.

Coconut Cannon: For blowing things up by accident.

Spring Bean: Bouncing Everybody to Mars.

Wild West

Chili Bean: For causing an explosion of methane when Torchwood entered the room. I didn't foresee that.

Lightning Reed: For spreading false rumors through the radio.

Pea Pod: For clowning around and saying things 5 times.

Pea Pod (times 2): For clowning around and saying things 5 times.

Pea Pod (times 3): For clowning around and saying things 5 times.

Pea Pod (times 4): For clowning around and saying things 5 times.

Pea Pod (times 5): For clowning around and saying things 5 times.

Far Future

Laser Bean: Staring contest. Murdered them.

Citron: Don't think about it.

E.M.Peach: EMP signals interference.

Infi-nut: Attempted to divide by 0.

Magnifying Grass: Burning things.......

Tile turnip: I forgot.........

Dark Age

Sun bean: Just don't ask how I shine on people in the dark, spooking them.

Big Wave Beach

Bowling Bulb: We bowled.

Me: And then?.

Bowling Bulb: Caused the destruction of a major glassware factory by knocking into it.

Guacodile: For biting the hand which fed me and a braggart.

Banana Launcher: For causing people to slip when I was sleeping and pyscho maddness.

Frostbite Caves

Hot Potato: Betraying the plant army by defrosting frozen zombies. Hey. I thought they never meant us plants harm and Hurrikale did freeze them.

Pepper-pult: I made people sneeze and burn out flaming Jalapenoes

Chard Guard: I was caught doping at the WWF. I thought getting away with it worked.

Stunion: Same as Chilli Bean but it affected the entire area.

Rotobaga: Hovering over the flight limit.

Lost City

Red Stinger: Being so complex to being used.

A.K.E.E: Causing the destruction of an ancient Plant City when I sneezed. Hey. I didn't know my seeds were that bouncy.

Endurian: Bad temper tantrum and being smelly.

Stallia: Produced toxic gas that killed everyone... Hey! Why are you wearing gas mask?

Me: The reason was what you said just now.

Gold Leaf: Caused the New York Stock Exchange to collapse by giving out cheap 99.99999% pure gold to everyone.

Neon Mixtape Tour

Phat Beet: The music I played was so bad, it killed plants.

Celery Stalker: For being a pedophile.

Thyme Warp: (speaking through magic speaker) For causing a time paradox (disappears then reappear) For causing a time paradox... wait I said that just now? (disappear again and then reappear)

Spore-shroom: Cloning myself so much I broke everyone's game worldwide.

Intensive Carrot: I was arrested because I gave a young girl some candy when I saw her ice-cream on the floor.

Jurassic Marsh

Primal Peashooter: I hacked a lot of computers as part of my training program. I just forgot to inform everyone before hand so they were pissed off at me.

(Primal Wall-nut is unknown since the magic speaker was overwhelmed by his Caveplant sound)

Perfume-shroom: I made my perfume so powerful, it fainted everyone else in the room, both plants and zombies.

Primal Sunflower: I look too ugly and so scared everyone of their wits except for my boyfriend over there. (points at Primal Peashooter)

Primal Potato Mine: Being so vain, they got upset.

Modern Day




Power Lily: For transforming the audition stage into Plant Food.

Pea-nut: Giving people allergy reaction by just being near them.

Sap-fling: I gooed up the Plant HQ sewer system and was too poor to pay for the damages.

Toadstool: I gobbled everything I saw in sight. Then I gobbled Sunflower's doll collection and she called the cops on me.

Strawburst: Crazy laughter and blowing up the entire area.</span>

Electric Blueberry: I was arrested because I shrank the globe until it was my size at one point. (sees my annoyed face) Oh. You were the one who got arrested me right?

Jack O' Lantern: I haunted the whole plant army with my friends. I thought it was funny.

Grapeshot: Massive blowing up of the entire HQ while drunk. Couldn't afford to pay for the damages.

Cold Snapdragon: In the Plant HQ, I liked it cold while my dumb dumb cousin preferred it hot. We basically broke the temperature setting for the HQ and we could't afford to pay for the repairs.

Snapdragon: 100% UNTRUE! IT WAS BECAUSE ......

Me: I'm out of here.

Shrinking Violet: I caused everyone's game to crash when I and Thyme Warp worked together.


Ghost Pepper: Processed Officer Ron but failed.

Homing Thistle: I stared right into someone's soul and it became corrupted.

Sweet Potato: For attracting a lot of plants. Then I attracted Peashooter and Sunflower used Officer Ron to hound me down. I don't why she did so.

Hurrikale: I caused a huge hurricane and couldn't afford to compensate the victims.

Fire Peashooter: I get into arguments with Fire Pea over who si the best Fire Peashooter. At one point, it got so bad we basically burned the entire place.

Dandelion: For making terrorist jokes and disturbing the peace.

Lava Guava: Creating a volcano. I thought it was funny.

Plants vs Zombies 2 Chinese Version

Kung-Fu World

White Radish: I farmed onto the road. It disrupted traffic.


Plants Vs Zombies Online


Plants Vs Zombies All Star


Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare

Garden Warfare 1

Artichoke Drone: Espionage of the plant's HQ

Me: Serves you right!

Goop-Shroom: Gooping people with strong acid

Dark flower: For asking people to join me. They thought I was evil. But I'm not.

Garden Warfare 2

Toxic Gloom-Shroom: I polluted the air in the Plant HQ.

Weed: We grew so much we crushed everyone except for each other.

Citron: I ripped off Star Wars and this is where I landed.

Rose: Accidentally goating my allies. I forgot how to reverse the magic.

Kernel Corn: I ate too much ZFC and got fat.

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