By BGB64

Me: So, extra zombie, firstly, why are you called extra zombie?

Extra Zombie: It's a long story- but long story short, Dr. Zomboss thought I wasn't good enough to be in the main attack group.

Me: How come he gave you zombies for an attack later then? (See Extra Zombie's Attack)

Extra Zombie: He realised I was nearly as clever as him. Now I'm his second in command.

Me: What about strength?

Extra Zombie: That's the reason I was excluded from the main attack group in the first place.

Me: How did you survive nuke pebbles when you attacked then?

Extra Zombie: Duh. Nuke-Proof Belt...

Me: ...okay...that's great. Anything else?

Extra Zombie: No.

Me: Are you sure?

Extra Zombie: This is getting annoying.

Me: Are you sure it is?

Extra Zombie: Die!

Extra zombie shoots me with a laser.

Me: Haha mirror

I press the button causing the trapdoor under him to open, and him to... hey wait...

Extra Zombie: Haha jetpack

The End. (of the interview, we still try to kill each other for the next 30 minutes)