By BGB64



  • Sunflower
  • Cattail
  • Peashooter
  • Winter Melon
  • Cob Cannon
  • Umbrella Leaf
  • Tall-nut


  • Extra Zombie (See Extra Zombie Interview for info)
  • Dr. Zomboss
  • See List for 250 attack group
  • Gravity Helmet Nuke Belt Giga Gargantuars (GHNBGG)


A whole bunch of plants are on the front lawn, including cattail in her water pot.

Sunflower: These zombies can't get past us. Ever.

Cattail: I know, right?

Peashooter: Yeah.

Narrator: But Extra Zombie has a plan.

Winter Melon: We can hear you, and who is this "extra zombie?"

Narrator: Oh, sorry. I'll hack the microphone so I can hear you but you can't hear me.

Cob Cannon: Hey!

Umbrella Leaf: He's done it now. Remember, he can hear us.

Meanwhile, at the graveyard...

Extra Zombie: Ok, zombies. Dr. Zomboss has given me 250 zombies to use to attack with. You are the 250 zombies.

  • 5 Catapult Zombies (C)
  • 5 Zombonis (Z)
  • 10 Tall-nut Zombies (T)
  • 40 Bobsled Zombies & 10 Bobsleds (B)
  • 40 Gatling Pea Zombies (G)
  • 150 Bucket Zombies (b)

Back at the lawn...

Cattail: Guys, why have there been no zombies in five hours?

Peashooter: I don't kno- what's that on the horizon?

Tall-nut: A truly huge wave of zombies!

Winter Melon: Where's the flag zombie?

Sunflower: They seem unusually...organised...

Umbrella Leaf: Well, they're here now.

All Zombies (unsimultaneously): Brains!

Cob Cannon: Tall-nuts lookout! Zombonis!

Cob Cannons shoot 2 cobs at the Zombonis, destroying them.

Winter Melon: We can take care of these bobsleds.

Tall-nut: Did you notice the peas hitting me and the basketballs hitting umbrella leaf?

Winter Melon: No.

Sunflower: Seriosly guys, look! there are 150 bucket zombies heading towards us!

The Cob Cannons shoot 5 cobs, decimating 25 bucket zombies.

Cob Cannon: Make that 125.

Winter Melon: Well, now you guys have to reload. Even with my slowing, they'll kill us all by then!

Sunflower: What if we...nuked 'em?

Cattail: Whatd's that mean?

Sunflower: Y'know. The good'ol nuke pebbles?

Cattail: Oh yeah.

Peashooter: Umbrella you got them?

Umbrella Leaf: Yeah.

Winter Melon: Give them to me! I'll pult 'em!

Winter Melon throws the nuke pebbles at the zombies, destroying them all.

Extra Zombie (running and shouting): This won't be the last you see of me!

Later, at Dr. Zomboss's lab...

Dr. Zomboss: Your attack failed.

Extra Zombie: But now we know all thier little tricks...this time, we won't be defeated.

Dr. Zomboss: I can tell you want more zombies to attack with. 250 giga-gargantuars with gravity helmets and nukeproof belts maybe?

Extra Zombie: Nah for this we need only five.

The next day, at the lawn...

Winter Melon: Really? 5 giga-gargantuars wearing weird metal hats and belts?!

Peashooter: My Peas get deflected!

Cattail: My spikes aren't doing much damage.

Wintermelon: Umbrel-

Umbrella Leaf: Here they are.

Winter Melon throws the pebbles.

Winter Melon: Ther- they're still alive??!!!

Sunflower: Ahhh!

The giga-gargantuars invade the house and eat crazy dave's old neighbour's brains.

The End!