By BGB64

Me: Ok, Edgy-

Dr. Zomboss: Don't call me that!

Me: Fine. Ok, Zomboss-

Dr. Zomboss: Ranks, BGB64...

Me: Fine. Ok, Dr. Zomboss, firstly, how many zombot versions do you have?

Dr. Zomboss: Two, before I scrapped the whole project when Extra Zombie got promoted.

Me: Oh, yeah. Anyway, what do you think of your creations?

Dr. Zomboss: They're good. Don't always turn out the way they're supposed to though. Y'know, zombie goo?

Me: What about Extra Zombie?

Dr. Zomboss: He's a good partner.

Me: Do you even like brains?

Dr. Zomboss: Of corse.

Me: You can have the brain of Wintermelon43 then. I'll just go get it.

The End.