Dr Zomboss


The Story

Dr. Zomboss is on TV, and he shows some of his experiments and stuff.

Dr Zomboss: Hello zombies and gentlebrains! Today, I'm gonna show you how to make a ZomBotany hybrid! First, take a zombie *pulls zombie*. Then, cut his head off *cuts head off*! Then, take a seed packet. I'm gonna take the peashooter seed packet. Then put the seed in the body of the zombie. DONE!

5 minutes later...

Dr Zomboss: There you go! You now have a ZomBotany zombie! Oh man, this can't be good, oops, omg, wth, zomgies, umm, the head grew, umm, between, ummm, the, ummmmmmmmmmm, legs... And, well, there you go! You've got a PEESHOOTER zombie! Oh man... Anyway, now, let's make a Chomper zombie! Take the seed blah blah blah...

5 minutes later...

Dr Zomboss: There you go! OOPS MAN OMG WTH O GEEZ NO WAI, well, the chomper, umm, head, umm, has replaced the, ummmm, BUTT. Anyway, there you go! You got a CHOMPOO zombie! Thanks for watching, and join us next time!