By Neoninjaboy320


  • Crazy Dave
  • The Book of Doom
  • Peashooter
  • Giga-Imp (Cameo)
  • Marigold
  • Sunflower
  • Flower Pot
  • Chomper


It was an average day for Crazy Dave, when he was looking through his car, he found a book.

Crazy Dave: Hmm, what's this? A Book?

Crazy Dave wiped off some dust the book, and read the title: The Book of Doom.

Crazy Dave: The book of doom? that's some whacky biz, better show this to the plants!

At the lawn...

Crazy Dave: Hey guys! look at what I found in my trunk!

Marigold: Some junk?

All the plants laugh, as Crazy Dave waits for them to settle down.

Peashooter: So what's that?

Crazy Dave: A mysterious book I found in the car. It's called The Book Of Doom. It looks very interesting.

Flower Pot: More like a complete joke.

Crazy Dave: What was that?

Flower Pot: Nothing.

Chomper: What's in it?

Crazy Dave: I'm about to open it right now...

Crazy Dave is about to open up the book, when the book suddenly gains a mouth,nose, and eyes,

The Book Of Doom: What are ya doing mate?

The plants and Crazy Dave jumps back, as he drops it on the lawn.

Sunflower: Y-Y-You can talk?

The Book of Doom: Yah, ya point mate?

Chomper: Are you british?

The Book of Doom: Ya mate, how could yu tell?

Chomper: Because of the way you talk.

The Book of Doom: So, why are ya'll scared of me?

Flower Pot: Well, cause you just started talking out of nowhere, and we didn't expect that.

The Book of Doom: Who said that?

Flower Pot: Annoyed- down here. T_T

The Book of Doom: Oh hey, your a Flower Pot, YET YOUR A PLANT, HAS YOUR MIND EXPLODED YET?!

Flower Pot: My mind has already exploded many times, wait, how do you know my quote?

The Book of Doom: Because, I'm The Book of Bloom!

Crazy Dave: The Book of Bloom?

The Book of Bloom: Yeah, didn't you read me?

Crazy Dave picks up The Book of Bloom and wipes off some more dust.

Crazy Dave: Oh, you are The Book of Bloom, why were you in my Trunk?

The Book of Bloom: Well, because Miss Bloom wrote me, I contain all of the Zombie info and plant info you can read!

The plants oooohh.

The Book of Bloom: So go ahead and read me whenever you like!

Giga-Imp: Brainz

Peashooter shoots at Giga-Imp and he runs away at lightning speed!

The End.