By BGB64.


  • Coffee Bean
  • Dr. Zomboss
  • Peashooter
  • Cattail
  • Steve


Coffee Bean: What, whereami?

Dr. Zomboss: I plantnapped you. Tell me how to keep zombotany mushrooms awake in the day. The coffee bean zombie failed.

Coffee Bean: Never!

Dr. Zomboss: I guess I'll just have to do THIS!

Dr. Zomboss pushes the button that opens the trapdoor to the incinerator.

Coffee Bean: Ahhh- wait, I can fly.

Dr. Zomboss throws a wrench at coffee bean's wing, breaking it.

Dr. Zomboss: Now you can't.

Coffee Bean: Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Ten minutes later...

Coffee Bean: Ahh the incinerator in 5 seconds!

4 seconds 999 milliseconds later...

Coffee Bean: Ahhh- huh?

Coffee bean gets caught in a random tractor beam that appeared.

Coffee Bean: A tractor beam?

Peashooter: Hi we just stole a tractor beam and two jetpacks from Dr. Zomboss.

Cattail: Yeah.

Dr. Zomboss: Now it's time for you to all die.

Dr. Zomboss spits a fireball at the jetpacks and the tractor beam, destroying them.

Peashooter & Cattail: Noooooooo-!

Peashooter & Cattail fall in the incinerator, getting burned to dust.

Coffee Bean: But, why am I still floating?

Steve: You caused a paradox.

Coffee Bean: How?

Steve: By pressing up up down down left right left right B A in Dr. Zomboss'es wrench keyboard. That he threw at you.

Coffee Bean: So?

Steve: Physics break.

Coffee Bean: Boring!

Steve: You cracked the walls of the universe by pressing up up down down left- ok, cut to the point, Unless you find that wrench and enter the konami code again, we're all doomed.

Coffee Bean: And the wrench is where?

Steve: Oh, back up this long hole.

Coffee Bean: If I could fly...

Steve: Try finding a Heal Bean.

Coffee Bean: Ok.

Awhile Later...

Coffee Bean: I found it!

Coffee bean uses the heal bean.

Coffee Bean: Now to fly up to the top!

Later at the top...

Coffee Bean: Well, Dr. Zomboss is gone...oh, here's the wrench.

Coffee Bean: Up up down down left right left right B A

Wrench: Undoing universe edit.

Coffee Bean: Good.

Wrench: Error. Cannot undo without active.

Coffee Bean: Here we go again. Now how can I activate that?

Wrench: Error. Cannot tell without active.

Coffee Bean: Steve?

Steve: Oh, erm, yes. Pull the level furthest to the left in the zombot control.

Coffee Bean: Anyway, where are you Steve?

Steve: I'm just a voice inside your head.

Coffee Bean: Oh, ok. Wait, where'd the zombot go?!

Steve: It's at- aaahhhh- *stops talking*

Coffee Bean: Oh great. I have to do this mysel- oh, theres the zombot. But Zomboss's in it.

Coffee Bean: Oh wait, hallu-

Coffee bean's head explodes, then regenerates.

Coffee Bean: Oh, there it is. but Zomboss isn't in it.

Coffee bean pulls the lever furthest to the left, and then enters the konami code in the wrench.

Wrench: Completed undoing edit.

The End.