Created by: DoubleTake8

Note: Read this and this to understand the story so far.


  • Me
  • Lots of Zombies
  • Peashooter
  • Sunflower
  • Cherry Bomb
  • Wall-Nut
  • Potato Mine
  • Snow Pea
  • Repeater
  • Chomper
  • Puff-Shroom
  • Scaredy-Shroom
  • Sun-Shroom
  • Fume-Shroom
  • Hypno-Shroom
  • Ice-Shrrom
  • Doom-Shroom
  • Grave Buster
  • Coffee Bean

The Story

Doublez and the plants had a pretty good zombie battle strategy. When a zombie invasion happened, the plants went outside to fight. When it ended, they went inside to have fun.

When it was night, the mushrooms and Grave Buster went put to fight while Doublez and the other plants were sleeping.

It worked well. But then Doublez started feeling sorry for the mushrooms. While the other plants were playing board games and watching movies with him, the mushrooms were asleep. So he got an idea.

He added plant serum to a coffee bean. That's how Coffee Bean was born.

"Hey dude. Wazzup? Woah! What's that? Is that a tiger?" Coffee Bean said the second he was born.

"Can you wake up sleeping mushrooms?" Doublez asked.

"Can do!" Coffee Bean said

He hopped up to the plant room, and then the Mushrooms came down.

"Who wants to play Risk?" Doublez said.

He found Coffee Bean to be useful on invasions, too.

On a zombie invasion, a screen door zombie appeared, which was hard to kill without Fume-Shroom. So Coffee Bean waked Fume-Shroom up, got him outside, and he killed the screen door zombie.

And that was how Coffee Bean was created.