By Neoninjaboy320


  • Chomper 
  • Peashooter
  • Wall-Nut
  • Blover
  • Threepeater
  • Starfruit
  • Gargantuar
  • Zombie
  • Conehead Zombie


At the lawn...

Chomper seems to be grumpier than usual today, his fellow plants are noticing this.

Chomper: Grrrr, where are the zombies?!

Peashooter: Uhh, Chomper? the wave hasn't even started yet.

Chomper: Oh.

Threepeater: What's your beef today?

Chomper: Uh, it's nothing, just leave me alone.

The Zombies... are coming.

Wall-Nut: Play time's over, lets get this party started!

A Zombie walks up to Wall-Nut, and isn't allowed to take a single bite, because of how fast Chomper bit it.

20 seconds later...

Chomper: Gulp- mmmm tasty zombie.

Starfruit: Hey Chomper?

Chomper: Yeah?

Starfruit: You ate a zombie 22 seconds faster than usual, the normal time is 42 seconds. You took 20.

Chomper: I guess I'm real... focused.

Blover: Stop lying. what's buggin' you Homey?

Chomper: Sighs- Fine, I can't eat Gargantuar!

Peashooter: Yeah, so?

Chomper: Yelling- It bothers me! I can eat so many other zombies but not him?! I will eat him today! 

Starfruit: Chillax, man.

Chomper: Alright, sighs-

1 hour later.

Gargantuar: Brainz, Chu want to eat meh Chompy?

Chomper: Heh, we'll just see about that!

Gargantuar throws Imp and Peashooter kills it.

Chomper: Hi-Yah!

Chomper jumps up and bites off Gargantuar's Head!

Gargantuar's Head: Errrrgh, you gotz me. Bleh.

Chomper: Mmmmm, Gargantuar head, I finally got my revenge!

All Plants: Yay Chomper!

The End.


  • This fanfic was inspired to be made, by the fact that Chomper cannot eat Gargantuar in the game.