By Neoninjaboy320



  • Peashooter
  • Sunflower
  • Wally Wall-nut
  • Kernel-Pult
  • Twin sunflower


  • Dr. Zomboss


A normal day on the lawn turns into a hyper chase...

Behind a few bushes...

Dr. Zomboss: Extra Zombie! I am putting you in charge of capturing Wally Wall-Nut!

Extra Zombie: Hmm, seems like a task any other zombie could do...

Dr. Zomboss: Do we give all the other zombies Speed Boots?

Extra Zombie: I see your point.

Dr. Zomboss: I'll leave an extra pair just in case me or you need it, alright?

Extra Zombie: Sure.

Wally Wall-nut's Nutnapping

Kernel-Pult: Where are all the zombies to butter up?

Wally Wall-nut: Beats me.

Sunflower: Wait, is that... Extra Zombie?

Peashooter: With Speed Boots?

Extra Zombie swoops in and picks up Wally Wall-Nut, back to the ZHQ.

Extra Zombie: Mwahhahahah!

Peashooter: Guys they got Wally Wall-Nut! We have to get him!

Dr. Zomboss is on top of Extra Zombie, and Wally cries for help.

Sunflower hops over to the bush.

Sunflower: Hey guys, whats this?

The other plants come.

Peashooter: I think those are Extra Zombie's Speed Boots.

Kernel-Pult: Whoever left that there is a complete idiot, well, hurry up put those on! We gotta save Wally!

Peashooter puts on the boots, with Kernel Pult and Sunflower on his head.

Peashooter: Do you guys have to be on top of my head?

Sunflower: Would you rather have us on your lap?

Peashooter sighs, than jumps a bit and the Speed Boots start, and off they go.

Extra Zombie: Hey Edgar?

Dr. Zomboss: Yeah?

Extra Zombie: You got that other pair of speed boots, right?

Dr. Zomboss: Uhh... maybe.

Extra Zombie face palms his face.

Extra Zombie: Huh? they are inches away from us!

Peashooter: Give us back Wally!

Dr. Zomboss: Never!

Wally Wall-nut: Let go of me chump!

Extra Zombie: Catch me if ya Plant!

Extra Zombie cranks up the speed and is not in sight.

Sunflower: Well we can do that >:)

Peashooter hops and they are off again!

Extra Zombie: They'll never ca- oh come on!

The plants are to the side of Extra Zombie.

Extra Zombie: Hey, Zomboss, have you ever turned this up to-

The plants crash their boots into theirs and both of the pairs of boots blow up.

Wally Wall-Nut lands next to the plants, while Zomboss and Extra, are in a trash can.

Peashooter: Your safe!

Wally Wall-nut: Good to be back, now lets go home.

The plants go home, while the 2 zombies gain control of their bodies again, and the trash can falls over, making the top part, on the bottom.

Extra Zombie: Ow! Aw, Come on!

The End.