By BGB64



  • Peashooter
  • Sunflower
  • Snow Pea
  • Tall-nut w/ mirror
  • Gatling Pea
  • Flower Pot
  • Flying Pot
  • Sun-shroom
  • Puff-shroom
  • Hypno-shroom
  • Scaredy-shroom
  • Ice-shroom
  • Fume-shroom


  • Flag Zombie
  • Zombie
  • Cone Zombie
  • Bucket Zombie
  • Bungee Zombie
  • Laser Gun Zombie
  • Hypno-shroom Zombie
  • Screendoor Zombie
  • Newspaper Zombie
  • Dr. Edgar Zomboss w/ Zombot
  • Dr.Edgar Zomboss w/ Bomber Helicopter




  • Front Lawn (Infront of the parking in floor 0)
  • Reception (Floor 1)
  • Pea Producement (Floor 2)
  • Sunny Sands (Floor 3)
  • Nutty Nutforest (Floor 4)
  • Shroomy Sea (Floor 5)



It has been years of surviving with just guts and a spoon, but Bloom and Doom Seed Co. has finally opened! All the employees are in the reception.

Miss. Bloom: So, I will show you employees around the place.

Crazy Jave: Do we get cake at the end of the tour?

Miss. Bloom: No.

Moocow (Sadly): Moooo

Crazy Dave: Don't worry guys, I have cake for us!

Dr. E Eggcrack: Fantastic!

Crazy Dave: It'll cost you each $5,000.

Dr. E Eggcrack: Not so fantastic...

Miss. Bloom: Are we going to stand here forever or see the plants?

Crazy Jave: That's a retorical question, isn't it?

Miss. Bloom: Yup.

Everyone goes in the elevator to floor 2.

Elevator: Self Destruct in 10. 9. 8.

Miss. Bloom: Elevators don't self destruct!

Elevator: This one does. 4. 3.

Moocow (Scared): MOOOOOOOOOOO!

Elevator: 2. 1unununununnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ERROR. ERROR. Cannot light fuse.

Crazy Dave: Yay.

The Elevator Explodes and everybody gets knocked down to the front lawn.

Crazy Jave & Crazy Dave: Noooooooooooooooooooo-

Crazy Jave: We're ok.

Flag Zombie: Brainz

Dr. E Eggcrack: Guys, we have a problem. The zombies got in.

Crazy Jave: I think we can all clearly see that.

Crazy Dave: Because you're crazy! And so am I!


Miss. Bloom: Well, atleast we can test these plants now.

Peashooter: Yay!

Miss. Bloom: You can talk?!

Sunflower: And we can sing. Theres a zomb-

Peashooter: Shut up. we can all see there's a zombie and you sing terribly.

Sunflower: Well start shooting then!

Peashooter starts shooting at the flag zombie, more normal zombies come.

Peashooter: I could use some help here...

Snow Pea: Ok!

All the zombies get slowed down.

Snow Pea: By the way sunflower, how did you get here? Only pea plants are on floor two.

Sunflower: The explosion also busted a small hole in floor three and I jumped trough.

Sunflower's Pot: Actually, I jumped through while you were just sitting in me lazily.

Miss. Bloom: The pots talk too?!

Peashooter's Pot: We're pots for planting. Yet we're also plants. HAS YOUR MIND EXPLODED YET?

Crazy Dave: No. Why? Because I'm crazy and so is my brother!

Crazy Jave: Yeah! Also, on an unrelated note, look out for the coneheads and bucketheads!

Dr. E Eggcrack: There are too many! I'll go out there and shoot 'em with my mega laser.

Dr. E Eggcrack goes out behind some rubble and starts firing the laser.

Bungee Zombie: Yeeeeeeha!

Dr. E Eggcrack gets taken by the bungee zombie, dropping the laser gun.

Miss. Bloom: One of them picked up the laser gun!

Crazy Dave: Anyone got a mirror?

Miss. Bloom: Now is not the time for fashion!

Peashooter gets killed by the laser gun zombie.

Crazy Jave: Here's one!

Crazy Dave: Go get a tall-nut!

Crazy Jave: OK!

Crazy Jave climbs up the broken elevator wire to floor 4 and takes a tall-nut. On the way down he kills a conehead.

Crazy Dave: Pass me the mirror and the tall-nut!

Crazy Jave gives Crazy Dave the tall nut and the mirror and Crazy Dave puts the mirror and the tall nut in front of the snow pea.

Snow Pea: Do you really think I can protect this lawn by myself? Get gatling pea and threepeater!

Gatling Pea: Hi! I'm in a plane flower pot!

Flying pot: Yo 'sup


Meanwhile, in the middle of the graveyard...

Bungee Zombie: Edgar. Join the zombies. Feast on brains. And get to lead us!

Hypno-shroom Zombie: Look into my eyes. Forget all those plants and join the zombies.

Dr. E Eggcrack: Yes. I will destroy those foolish living ones. and I shall change my name to Dr. Edgar Zomboss!

-insert evil laugh here-

Bungee Zombie: Yes. We will eat their yummy brainz! Nothing can stop us!

Back at the factory...

Crazy Dave: Yeah, we sure rekilled 'em.

Crazy Jave: Uh oh. It's turning night. no more solar power from the sun.

Sunflower: You have me fools! I'll get you sun!

Sunshroom: And me! Hate the stuff, but since you love it so much, you can have all of it!

Puff-shroom:  I don't need sun!

Snow pea: Yeah, but you can't fire as far.

Hypno-shroom: Maybe he could learn to paralyse zombies with his cuteness.

Hypno-shroom and Hypno-shroom Zombie (To each other): Lookintomyeyes!

Puff-shroom: Thats called hypno-hypno. 3, 2, 1...

Hypno-shroom and Hypno-shroom Zombie imploded each other.

Puff-sroom: And that's what it does.

Snow pea: Guys, we have shooting to do here!

Puff-shroom: I'll plant more of myself while shooting.

Scaredy-shroom: Guys, what if we don't kill all of the zombies what if we die what then??

Sun-shroom: Pull yourself together! We won't die! We will destroy the zombies!

Meanwhile, at Dr. Zomboss's Lab:

Dr. Zomboss: We will destroy the plants and eat the living one's brains!

Bungee Zombie: I'll take out the snow-pea!

Screen Door Zombie: I'll use this screen door shield!

Newspaper Zombie: I'll read this newspaper!

Dr. Zomboss: Really?

Newspaper Zombie: It'll be good!

Back at the factory...

Sunflower: Wait, how did all you mushrooms even get here? You're on floor 5!

Sun-shroom: Oh, we just woke up and heard the zombies so we came down the elevator shaft to help.

Sunflower: Oh.

Ice-shroom: I'll freeze all the zombies while planting another of myself.

Ice-shroom freezes the zombies.

Fumeshroom: Ohhai guys.

Sunflower: Hi.

Crazy Dave: *yawn* this is getting boring.

Crazy Jave: Oh look a meteor!

Crazy Jave & Crazy Dave get blown up by the meteor.

Crazy Dave & Crazy Jave: Nooooooooooooooooooooooo-

Crazy Dave: We're ok.

Moocow (Happily): Mooooooo!


Miss. Bloom: Uh oh.

Moocow (Confused): Moooooooo?

Miss. Bloom: Over there (Pointing at the road)

Crazy Dave: Dr. Eggcrack?!

Dr. Zomboss (in zombot): Surprize! People don't call me that anymore. I AM DR. EDGAR ZOMBOSS!

-insert evil laugh here-

Crazy Jave: Meh...

Cattail: 'su- oh. The Zombot is.

Sea-shroom: Hi mushrooms! I'm an aquatic mushroom!

Zombot starts attacking

Sun-shroom: That could be a problem.

Snow Pea: I can't slow it down!

Ice-shroom: I can!

Ice-shroom freezes just after zomboss spits a fireball

Crazy Dave: And you froze the fireball!

Puff-shroom: You mean extinguished.

Miss. Bloom: Whatever.

Zomboss thaws out

Gatling Pea: I'll fly up and constantly spit peas at him.

Snow pea and puff-shroom get killed by a plasma laser before deflecting off mirror tall-nut

Tall-nut: Wait, how did that get snow pea?! He was behind me!

Sunflower: Oh well. Focus on more important things.

Gatling Pea: Guys, I found the weak spot! Shoot at the control panel!

Dr. Zomboss's Zombot gets blown to peices, and Dr. Zomboss gets rescued by a bungee zombie.

Sun-shroom: Oh. This is bad.

Sunflower: What?

Sun-shroom: Look up.

Sunflower looks up and sees a bomber helicopter flying with Dr. Zomboss inside.

Miss. Bloom: The factory!

Dr. Zomboss drops a bomb on the factory, completely destroying it.

The End!


  • The idea for the exploding elevator came from a part of a movie where the guy said "rescue pods don't self destruct!" and the robot said "this one does."
  • Moocow is a cow that warped in from Minecraft.
    • This is the reason this story has the category "Crossover Fanfics".
  • The hypno-hypno is probably one reason why there were no hypno-shroom zombies in PvZ, although the main reason is it's a mushroom.
    • Although maybe they would just have no effect on each other.
  • The title is a referance to the writing on every seed packet in game; "Bloom and Doom Seeds Co."