By BGB64



Crossed Out = Dead

  • Peashooter
  • Sunflower
  • Snow Pea
  • Mirror-nut(Tall-nut w/ mirror)
  • Gatling Pea
  • Flower Pot
  • Flying Pot
  • Sun-shroom
  • Puff-shroom
  • Hypno-shroom
  • Scaredy-shroom
  • Ice-shroom
  • Fume-shroom


  • Extra Zombie
  • Giga Imp
  • Dr. Zomboss


  • Crazy Dave
  • Nathania1221
  • Crazy Jave
  • Miss Bloom
  • Moocow


Crazy Dave: Remind me, how long have we been defending the rubble of the factory pointlessly?

Crazy Jave: Three weeks.

Crazy Dave: Look on the bright side. I have a new neighbour, Miss Bloom is buried under the rubble or dead, most of the plants are alive...

Crazy Jave: Who's your new neighbour?

Crazy Dave: Nathania1221.

Miss Bloom: I'm still alive! I found my way out!

Crazy Jave: Aww- thats great!

Moocow (sadly): Moooooooooooo.

Sunflower: Maybe you guys didn't notice, but the zombies are still attacking. And this time Extra Zombie is here...

Extra Zombie: I'm here!

Mirror-nut (Tall-nut w/ mirror): We know that.

Sunflower: Yeah.

Extra Zombie throws a grenade, killing most of the plants.

Extra Zombie: Now you are the only ones.

Sunflower: You mean me and Mirror-nut?

Crazy Jave: Don't forget about us!

Extra Zombie: Nah. I will forget.

Extra Zombie throws a grenade at Crazy Jave

Crazy Dave & Crazy Jave: Nooooooooooooo-

Crazy Dave: We're ok.

Narrator: Oldest trick in the book.

Crazy Jave: Who are you?

Narrator: Umm...

Miss Bloom: Oh whatever.

Giga Imp: Hello!

Extra Zombie: I told you to stay with Giga Gargantuar.

Giga Imp: But... but...

Extra Zombie: Go back to the lab. six months mopping the floors. That is your punishment.

Giga Imp: Bu-

Extra Zombie: Twelve months.

Giga Imp (annoyed): Fine.

Narrator: Awk-ward!

Crazy Dave: Wha-

Miss Bloom: Who cares. It's a narrator.

Narrator: Thanks for saving my bacon!

Crazy Jave: You have bacon?!

Miss Bloom: It's an expression.

Extra Zombie: Oh anyway-

Gatling Pea: No one cares!

Extra Zombie: The zombies do.

Sunflower: Gonna fight us or not?

Extra Zombie throws a bomb, that Crazy Dave tries to slap away.

Crazy Dave: Uh oh...

Crazy Jave: It's a sticky bomb!

Miss Bloom: It's fake otherwise it would have exploded by n-

The bomb explodes.

Crazy Dave & Crazy Jave: Nooo-

Miss Bloom: That trick is getting boring. Stop.

Crazy Jave: *sigh* french fries.

Sunflower: Huh?

Crazy Jave: er...nothing...

Gatling Pea: Whatever.

Extra Zombie: Remember my existance?

Mirror Nut: No.

Extra Zombie: That's a paradox. I think.

Miss Bloom: No one cares!

Dr. Zomboss: That'ssss a nicccce factory you have there. It'd be a ssshame if sssssomething happened to it.


Dr. Zomboss: True.

Creeper: Sssss...


The Creeper explodes, not damaging anything.

Dr. Zomboss: Well that was...pointless.

Extra Zombie: Let's go. There's nothing to do here in this pile of rubble.

Dr. Zomboss and Extra Zombie exit the pile of rubble.

Miss Bloom: Oh look! I found my discombobulator-9001!

Crazy Dave: 9001?

Miss Bloom: Yeah. The first one that works.

Gatling Pea: What does it do?

Miss Bloom: It...I forgot.

Crazy Jave: What does this button do?

Mirror-Nut: Stop! What if-

Crazy Jave pushes one of the buttons.

The discombobulator-9001 fires a laser at the rubble, and a pink glow of necro-radiation shines from within.

Gatling Pea: Wha?

The factory rebuilds itself.

Narrator: This was a short story...

Dr. Zomboss: I'll fix that.

Dr. Zomboss destroys the discombobulator-9001 with a bomb while the factory is halfway rebuilt.

Gatling Peas: Get him!

565,797,543 Gatling Peas come out of the half-built factory and shoot so many peas at Zomboss and Extra Zombie that the armor explodes.

Crazy Dave: Now we just need to fix this factory. I'm gonna go help out <insert name here> with wall-nut bowling now.

Crazy Jave: Don't tell him/her about any of this stuff!

The End...or maybe not?


  • Crazy Dave makes referances to in-game stuff, eg. having a new neighbour, going to help them with wall-nut bowling.
    • Many users don't realise that this is using a template to show the viewer's name: Nathania1221 is done by adding {{Template:USERNAME}}