Gloom Shroom


Coffee Bean


Triple Plazma  is also referenced

The Story!

It starts out in Threepeater's House, talking to his sister, Cattail. He decides to look out thr window, to see coffee bean bieng hyper on Hypno Shroom.

Threepeater: Arghhh... what.... is... this.... sorcery.... eh.... why... is.. NNNGGGGGG!!!

Cattail: Whats wrong bro?

Threepeater: The.... Confusion.... cannotusee mgrphlarp Hee-har-llp mm-eee

Narrator: What is really happening is some kinda disease-

Threepeater: Planteac Dystophria, darnit stupind narrag=tor nng NNNNNNGH!

*Screen turns black and white and Triple Plazma walks on screen*

Triple Plazma: Man the narrator is an idiot...

*He walks off and everything goes normal*

Threepeater: ta-k mre tuo teh res-turaun-----NNNGGGGG!

Cattail then takes him to the resturaunt

Threepeater: get meh smting wth bcon

Cattail was then going to the counter when

Cattail: Why do you narrate everything we do

she heard Gloom Shroo

Threpeater: Srsly mn sht up

Gloom shroom: Heh, i have my revenge threepeater! Time to DIE! Hahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhah

Cattail: ok we get it. now shut up im trying to order.

Gloomy Shroomy: Say your last words Threepeat-


Gloom Shroom: Shut u-

Threpeater: get... th...bcon.... nw... hlp...meh.... NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

A loud explosion

Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep

Threepeater wakes up in the hospital and looks at all the singed people from the resturaunt. 


Cattail: why did you do this broseph 

Threepeater looks at Triple Plazma, also badly wounded, he got in right before Threepeater caused the explosion

Triple plazma: Darnit! Dag nabbit daggit!

Threepeater: yay i got rid of the gloom shroom problem and fixed my voice but i have no punctuation or caps nooooooooo

Threepeater looks at Gloomshrom, horribly singed and his face half gon, and a large amount of purple goo on the bed.

The end....?