It is 1:00 in the midnight.

The Clock wakes Crazy Dave

Crazy Dave: Ughhhh, i dont want to wake up *groan*

Crazy Dave gets on his clothes and outside to his lawn

Crazy Dave: No plant screwed up yet... and no Zombies comming

A Zombie: The Zombies ARE comming.....Braaainz

Dave: Nevermind....*sigh* *Plants a Peashooter*

Peashooter: Zombies.....! *shoots peas*

The Zombie Died

A DJ-Zom-B appeared

Peashooter: AW HELL NO!

The DJ-Zom-B Dances


A Leaf falls on the ground

Peashooter: Oooh! Whats this?

The Peashooter eats the Leaf

Peashooter: i dont feel so goo- *cough* *cough*

The Peashooter grows a.....Helmet?

Gattling Pea (Peashooter): GHAAAAAAAAAAAAA *shoots infinite peas at the DJ-Zom-B*

The Peashooter turns back

Peashooter: What...dafuq....was THAT!? ooh, Hes Dead!

A Sunflower Gets planted

Sunflower: Hi there

Peashooter: Ello.

A seed appears

Both: !?

The seed gets planted

the  Annoying Orange gets planted

AO: Ugh? Pear, Hey, He- who are you?

Peashooter: Who are YOU!

AO: Hey. Hey, Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Peashooter: WHAT!?

AO: Im the Annoying Orange, Hey! Hey!

Peashooter: OK! AND WHAT!?

AO: Knife,


Sunflower: OMG


A Coconut Cannon gets planted

CC: Haithere

All: Hi

2089 Thunderstrikes all-of-a Sudden come

Chilly Pepper: That was a very interstrike....Get it? Interstri- HACHOOOOO!

Cob Cannon: Well? anybody explain what THE HELL THAT WAS!?

a Giga Gargantuar Appears

a Health Bar appears over the Gargantuar, it says 3000 HP

Peashooter: 3000 HP!?!?!?!? Omg :O

Cob Cannon: You know.....i shou-

Sunflower: NO! COBCANNON! remember last time?

[Flashback begins]

Cobcannon: Ahhhh, a good day.. Huh what? a leaf! I wonder what happens... *eats it*

Cobcannon: Uwgghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! i dont feel so good :O *vomits* *vomits*

Hyper Cannon (Cob Cannon): WHARARARARHAHAHARARARRARARAR *gets insane*

Hyper Cannon: GHGAHGHAGAGAAAA *shoots out cobs everywhere*

Cob Cannon: Arghhhhhhh

[Flashback ends]

Cob Cannon: I HAVE TO!

The Cob Cannon gets a Super Leaf

Hyper Cannon: GHAGHAGHGAHAGHAG *shoots 30975203975309876276903476904376903 Cobs at the Gargantuar*

Cob Cannon: See? nothing bad happened


Cob Cannon: Uhhhhhhh *backs slowly away*

Bamboo Shoot: Not So Fast-eh! *makes a Bamboowall*

Cob Cannon: Uh oh.......

The Next day

Zombie: Wharrg

Chilly Pepper: Dugh.... Ha, Chee. *boom*

Zombie: GAHHH *freezes and dies*

Ice Shroom: (with a little mad voice) Ugh, could you just stop coughing, rip-chilly-off?

Chilly Pepper: youre just  JEALOUS!

Ice Shroom: why should i be Jealous when im stronger than You?

Chilly Pepper: NO U-

Ice Shroom: -_-....really? that joke is SO off


Iceshroom: you think i can get the Cold if im already HAVING the cold? >:P

Chilly Pepper: Ow you!

Iceshroom: No icey thing can kill the master of ice! *shoots 290 pieces of ice on Chilly Pepper*

Chilly Pepper freezes

Ice Shroom: and now stay freezy, my freeze! *crazy-evil lough*

Coconut Cannon: Ugh, stop this girlfight

Ice Shroom: Ow yea?

Coconut Cannon: YEA!

Ice Shroom: YEA?!

Coconut Cannon: YEAH!!!!!!

Coconut Cannon blasts Ice Shroom away

Ice Shroom: ITS NOT OVER YE-

Coconut Cannon: SHUT OFF! now to chill

Chilly Pepper: MGHHMGMGMHHHH (translation: HELP ME!!)

Coconut Cannon: Shut up.

Me (Lilgrei): and this was an...Uhm............random story, Writen by Charles Crand (lies).......

Kids:.............................................What was that story,  Teacher?

Me: Dont ask. the manager said i should tell this!

Alex (a kid): Well, the manager is stupid


Charles Crand: and this was a story, made by...Uhm.....Lilgrei (lies)......

Max: Stupid Story!

Jake: And this was the "A Random Story" made by me! (lies)

And so the chain continues......

Hope you liked this :)